How to Celebrate Teachers' Day in Class

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Do you want to thank your teacher for all they do? National Teacher Day, or National Teacher Appreciation Day, is the perfect time to do it. This special day is typically celebrated on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May; in...
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Do you want to thank your teacher for all they do? National Teacher Day, or National Teacher Appreciation Day, is the perfect time to do it. This special day is typically celebrated on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May; in fact, this entire week is known as Teacher Appreciation Week.[1] We’ve put together a fun, creative list chock full of different ideas to help you support and appreciate your teacher on this special day.


Wear red.

  1. Red is the official color for National Teacher Day.
    As you get ready for school, slip into your favorite red top, sweater, jacket, or any other red garment. Wear your red outfit to class to show your teacher that you appreciate them. To really go the extra mile, invite your classmates to wear red as well.[2]
    • Feel free to post a selfie on social media, too! Use the hashtag #RedForED, so all your friends and followers can see that you’re supporting your teacher.
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Make a card.

  1. A card is a personal way to show your appreciation.
    Write how thankful you are, and that you appreciate everything your teacher does. Find some time during before or after class to give your teacher the card, or leave it on their desk so they can read it later.[3]
    • A pop-up card is a fun, creative way to show your appreciation.
    • Get your fellow classmates to sign the card as an extra-special touch.
    • If you don’t have a lot of spare time to make your own card, you could send an e-card before class.

Shout-out your teacher on social media.

  1. Write a thoughtful post using the hashtag #ThankATeacher.
    Draft out a message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your other social network of choice. You could even attach a picture of your teacher as a special touch. Share the post with your friends, family, and followers, so everyone knows how much you appreciate your teacher.[4]
    • You might say, “I just wanted to thank Ms. McMullen for being so kind, helpful, and understanding. She’s one of the best science teachers ever!”
    • You could also say, “Mr. Stanford is such a great teacher. I always look forward to his class, and I love how passionate he is about history. Thank you for all you do, Mr. Stanford!”
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Create a word cloud as a thoughtful gift.

  1. A word cloud is a fun, creative twist on a usual greeting card.
    Instead of drafting a simple message, write out a long list of words that describe or remind you of your teacher. Then, copy and paste all of those words into a word cloud generator, like “” or “”[5]
    • You might include words like smart, helpful, inspiring, kind, and thoughtful.
    • Customize your word cloud into fun, unique shapes, like a heart, star, talk bubble, or your teacher’s favorite animal.

Give your teacher a present.

  1. Even a small token lets your teacher know that you care.
    Bring your teacher some of their favorite snacks, or place a beautiful bouquet of flowers on their desk. As a more personalized touch, you could draw your teacher a picture, or record a video of yourself saying “thanks.”[6]
    • You could collect money from your fellow classmates and get your teacher a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.
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Buy or make them a special face mask.

  1. A face mask is a very thoughtful gift during COVID-19.
    Buy a festive mask online, or pick one up at your local drugstore. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even sew your own. Then, surprise your teacher with the gift on National Teacher Day.[7]
    • If you’re making your own mask, shop for fabrics with fun, school-themed patterns, like pencils, apples, or books.

Print out a certificate.

  1. An appreciation certificate lets your teacher know they’re valued.
    Print out a special “Certificate of Appreciation” and hand it to your teacher during class. Your instructor is sure to be touched by this kind, thoughtful gesture.[8] You could sign the certificate yourself, or ask a principal or other school administrator to sign it.
    • You can find and print out certificate templates online.
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Design a poster.

  1. Say thanks through a colorful, creative poster.
    Get together with your classmates and design a variety of fun, colorful posters. Write kind, uplifting messages to let your teacher know that you appreciate them. Then, display the posters all over your classroom.[9]
    • “Thanks for all you do!” “You’re the best teacher ever!” and “I love Mrs. Sloan’s class!” are just a few things you could write.
    • You could decorate your poster with drawings of your peers and your teacher, along with photos from class trips.

Decorate the classroom door.

  1. Add fun decorations and kind messages on the door.
    During class, ask your teacher if you and a few classmates can jazz up the classroom door. Use colored paper, markers, paint, colored pencils, and other art supplies to draw colorful pictures and cheerful messages all over the door.[10]
    • You could hang up a banner that says “Happy Teacher’s Day!” or “We love Mr. Johnson’s class!”
    • You could tape colored paper all over the door to give it a cool new color, and jazz it up with sequins, streamers, stickers, and other fun decorations.
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Sign a pledge.

  1. Agree to do some nice things for your teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.
    Brainstorm 5 ways you can help out your teacher, like organizing school supplies or wiping down the desks. Throughout the week, do a different chore or duty each day. Your teacher will really appreciate you going the extra mile![11]
    • For example, you might clean the whiteboard on Monday, wipe down everyone’s desks on Tuesday, organize the classroom school supplies on Wednesday, water any classroom plants on Thursday, and sweep the floor on Friday.

Perform a skit.

  1. Organize a skit with your peers that’s dedicated to your teacher.
    Practice the skit with your classmates, and ask your teacher if you can perform it in class. You could even ask the principal or another administrator if you can perform the skit at a school-wide assembly.[12]
    • You might make a skit about a school day without your teacher, or explore a day in the life of a teacher.
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Set up a car wash.

  1. Offer to wash your teacher’s cars in the parking lot.
    Talk to your principal or school administration about scheduling a special car wash during National Teacher Day or Teacher Administration Week. You and your fellow students can wash and buff your teacher’s car until it looks good as new.[13]
    • You could offer to work the car wash in shifts. This way, you and your peers won’t miss too much class time, but will still get a chance to help out.

Be a great student.

  1. Good behavior is the best way to celebrate and appreciate your teacher.
    Submit all your homework and classwork on time, and be on your best behavior while your teacher is speaking. By respecting and listening to your teacher, you’re showing that you really appreciate what they do.[14] [15]
    • You might raise your hand more often in class, or help put school supplies away after a class project.
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