How to Use Angel Numbers for Manifestation

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Learn how to interpret the most common angel numbers so you can follow the universe's divine planIf you're waking up at 4:44 for the fourth morning in a row, or you keep seeing billboard advertising numbers beginning with 777 area codes,...
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If you’re waking up at 4:44 for the fourth morning in a row, or you keep seeing billboard advertising numbers beginning with 777 area codes, you might be wondering if you’re losing your mind. You’re not! You’re simply tuned in to your angel numbers—that is, messages from your guardian angels to help you manifest your dreams. All you have to do to manifest your ideal future is know how to interpret the angel numbers you see! Read on to learn all about manifestation numbers: what they are, what some of the most common angel numbers mean, and how to use them to manifest the life you were meant to live.

This article is based on an interview with our spiritualist and seer, Jennifer McVey, Cht. Check out the full interview here.

Things You Should Know

  • Angel numbers are messages from your guardian angels. These numbers are signs that you are aligned with the universe and that it is looking out for you.
  • Interpret the angel number you keep seeing to understand what your angels are trying to tell you and manifest your reality.
  • Keep your mind and heart open to the angel numbers you keep seeing in order to manifest the life you are meant to live!
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What are angel numbers?

  1. Step 1 Angel numbers are messages from your guardian angels.
    We are all blessed with guardian angels to watch over as we make our way through life. They are cheering us on—but the only way they have of communicating with us is through little signs, like numbers. Angel numbers are 3- or 4-digit numbers that carry special meanings and appear in seemingly coincidental places like license plates, phone numbers, and digital clocks. By properly interpreting these numbers, we can manifest the life we are meant to lead.[1]
    • Angel numbers usually consist of repeated numbers—for instance, 1111 or 444—or patterns—such as 123 or 4545. Your angels will send you a specific number depending on the sort of spiritual guidance you are in need of at that moment.
  2. Step 2 Unlike other forms of divination, angel numbers are not identity-specific.
    The zodiac is based on your birth time and place, and palm reading is based on the lines on your hands, but angel numbers are about where you are rather than who you are. This form of divination is heavily rooted in the moment: angel numbers are road signs telling you which way to turn at a given moment.[2]
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Using Angel Numbers for Manifestation

  1. Step 1 Clarify what you want to manifest, like a specific goal.
    You can’t manifest your dream reality unless you have a firm idea of what your dream reality is! Visualize your future: what does your ideal life look like? The more specific you are and the more clearly you can see your vision in your mind’s eye, the greater the odds you’ll manifest that exact reality.[3]
    • Making a vision board is a great way to literally visualize what you want to manifest. A vision board is a collage of images and text that represent your ideal future. If you want a new job, you might include a photo of the place you want to work; if you want a new car, you might add a picture of the car you want to get.
    • Write down what you want so you can properly word it. You could even keep a journal of all your manifestations. Date your entries so you can keep track of your manifestations when they come true.
  2. Step 2 Set an intention.
    Once you’ve visualized the life you want, focus your energy on what you want to manifest by setting an intention, or verbalizing exactly what you want. Stating your goal in specific and direct terms will increase your odds of manifesting exactly what you wish to achieve.[4]
    • Be specific here: instead of “I want to be happy,” say, “I want a new job” or “I want a healthy relationship.”
    • Frame your intentions positively. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want (for instance, “I don’t want to be stuck in this dead-end job forever”), focus on what you do want (“I want a new position that will allow me to grow and earn more money”).
  3. Step 3 Seek out manifestation numbers to curate your reality.
    Now it’s time to take action. When angels throw certain numbers in your path, it’s a surefire sign of things to come. But don’t take this to mean you’re beholden to the angels to dictate your life’s trajectory: you hold the power to create your own reality. To manifest your reality, study what different angel numbers mean, and then look for these angel numbers in your day-to-day life. Where and when they appear will tell you which path to take.[5]
    • For instance, if you want to change jobs but don’t know what steps to take, look for angel numbers like 000, a sign of new opportunities. If you see 111 in a phone number from a job recruiter, it could be a sign that’s the position you should shoot for.
  4. Step 4 Trust the universe to bring about the life you're meant to lead.
    While you hold the power to cultivate your own reality, this doesn't mean you exist independently from the divine universe surrounding and upholding you. At any given moment, you and the universe are co-curating the life that you are meant to lead. This means it's important to trust that your angels are looking out for you, even if it feels like you're all alone (or that you're totally in charge!).[6]
    • If you keep seeing a specific angel number, even if it's not the number you expected or wanted, be open to it. Manifestation is a balance between self-empowerment and trust in the universe's plan.
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Common Angel Numbers

  1. Step 1 000 means opportunities are coming.
    You might see the number “0” and think of nothing. An absence. A void. Well, that’s exactly what it is—an empty space to make your mark! So keep your eyes peeled for 000 or 0000. This angel number is a sign you will be presented with new opportunities for growth, joy, and love. Seize the day![7]
    • When you see this number, manifest the reality you want to bring about by focusing on your goals until they come to fruition.
    • Angel numbers often appear in triple-digit numbers or quadruple-digit numbers. Interpret them the same way.[8]
  2. Step 2 111 is a sign of new beginnings.
    This common number is a message from your guardian angels that a life change is coming around the corner. It could be in the form of a change in your relationship status, a new job, or a cross-country move. So when you see 111 (or 1111), keep your mind and heart open, and trust that your angels are looking out for you.[9]
    • Focus your heart on what you really want at this time, and the new beginnings that 111 signifies could mean you’ll get your heart’s desire!
  3. Step 3 222 is a reminder to slow down.
    Maybe you’re overwhelmed with life or worried about what’s to come. 222 or 2222 is a nudge from your guardian angels to take a chill pill (we say this in love!). 222 means you’ve been attracting negative energy, and it’s time to let go of your worries and adopt a more positive perspective. Don’t worry: your angels have your back.[10]
    • If you see 222 while you’re trying to manifest the life you’ve visualized, it might be a sign you need to let go a little. Working to manifest a happy future isn’t worth much if your present is bogged down by anxiety or exhaustion. Trust your angels to take the wheel for a bit while you just enjoy the ride.
  4. Step 4 When you see 333, it’s a sign your angels are taking care of you.
    It’s natural to feel doubt from time to time. Sometimes it feels like everything is random, and there’s no such thing as divinity or fate or purpose. Well, 333 (or 3333) is a reminder that there is a divine plan—your angels and the universe are watching you and guiding you to your higher purpose. You are a divine being. Don’t forget it.[11]
    • Manifesting your ideal life can take a lot of time, hard work, and patience. It’s easy to get frustrated or to feel as if it’s just not working. If you see 333 while you’re trying to manifest your dreams, take it as a sign of encouragement: you’re not working in vain.
  5. Step 5 444 is a sign of support.
    When you see 444 or 4444, take heart! Your prayers are being answered, and the universe and the angels are encircling you with love. You’re not alone.[12] So don’t give up: keep working to manifest the reality you want.
    • It can be discouraging to work hard for the life you want and feel like it's just not coming to fruition. 444 is a reminder that you hold the power to manifest your dreams, even if it feels like it's not panning out.
  6. Step 6 555 is a call to action.
    If you’re unsure where to go next, this is a sign to take a leap of faith. Some angel numbers are signs to be open to change—555 asks that you do more than just “be open.” When you see 555 or 5555, it’s a message from your angels to be brave and take the plunge into the unknown.[13]
    • Sometimes, when manifesting your dreams, it can be tempting to think all you need to do is make a vision board, set an intention, and leave the rest up to fate. If you see 555 while you’re waiting for your dream life to come at you, take it as a sign to stop waiting and make it happen: opportunity may knock, but in the end, you’re still the one who must open the door!
  7. Step 7 666 is a sign you need to reflect and recalibrate.
    Don’t worry—666 isn’t a sign the devil is coming for you or anything. It is, however, an indication you may need to reevaluate your life. Where are you headed? Where do you want to go? Are your goals in alignment with your actions? When you see 666 or 6666, pause, breathe deeply, and ask yourself: “Is this what I want my life to be?”[14]
    • This is a time to revisit your vision board. Are you on the right path to achieve your goals? Or have your goals changed, and your vision board needs an update? There’s no shame in reevaluating what you want—it’s an inevitable part of life!
  8. Step 8 777 is a lucky number.
    Yippee! When you see 777 or 7777, dance for joy. It’s a sign things are coming up roses. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t stop. You’re on the right path. However, don't take this as a sign to stop working hard: you might be on the right path, but that doesn't mean you've reached your destination yet.[15]
    • 777 is a sign the life you’ve visualized is in total alignment with the universe’s divine plan. Now it’s just up to you to co-curate that life alongside the universe and your angels. Go you!
  9. Step 9 888 is the number of financial success.
    We’re gonna need a bigger wallet. 888 or 8888 is a sign that whatever you’ve been doing to increase your wealth is either paying off—or it’s about to. If you’re feeling like you’re at a financial dead end, keep your eyes peeled: an opportunity for mucho moolah is right around the corner.[16]
    • 888 can also be a sign of independence and confidence. If you’re seeing 888 while working too manifest your dream future, it could be a sign that you need to push yourself to be more independent and self-assured. You’re a divine creature: act like it.
  10. Step 10 999 is about closure.
    Is there a chapter that needs to close, but you’ve been putting it off? Maybe a relationship needs to end, or a friendship has grown toxic. Change is painful, but sometimes endings need to happen to make room for new beginnings. If you’re seeing 999 or 9999, it’s a sign it’s time to let go and move on from what no longer serves you.[17]
    • Endings can be tough. It’s no wonder if you’ve been procrastinating cutting ties with a job you’ve outgrown or a toxic friend you’ve known forever. But change is an inevitable part of growth. You can’t manifest the life you’re meant to lead without the occasional loss.
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