What Do Hawks Spiritually Mean?

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The Native American tales, cultural folklore, and spiritual meanings of hawks explainedFast. Strong. Loud. Hawks are a force to be reckoned with. These beautifully winged creatures soar high above the trees, cawing and diving to capture...
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Fast. Strong. Loud. Hawks are a force to be reckoned with. These beautifully winged creatures soar high above the trees, cawing and diving to capture their prey. Hawks are definitely a sight to behold, but what if spotting one meant more than what meets the eye? While there isn’t scientific evidence on the spiritual energy of hawks, many believe these mighty birds are a message from the spirit world. So, what are the spirits trying to tell you? Keep reading to learn what seeing a hawk could mean spiritually and culturally.

Things You Should Know

  • Hawks are spiritual representations of strength, adaptability, protection, perseverance, and communication.
  • Many indigenous traditions and cultures illustrate hawks as protectors or associate their flight with freedom.
  • In many religions, hawks symbolize gods, messengers, and divine beings, emphasizing the power and might of the winged creatures.
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What does a hawk spiritually represent?

  1. Step 1 Spiritually, hawks represent intelligence, adaptability, and clairvoyance.
    Hawks are naturally perceptive and intuitive creatures; many believe they can tap into the spirit world. Because of this, hawks are considered spiritual messengers and can help guide you down the right path.[1]
    • If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, your birth totem is a red-tailed hawk, which means you exhibit these characteristics.
    • Power or spirit animals guide you through life to fulfill a greater purpose. If you have a hawk spirit animal, they’ll help you get in touch with your intuition.[2]
    • Hawk tattoos have different meanings for everyone. For instance, they could symbolize perseverance, spirituality, or protection.
  2. Step 2 Hawks are good spiritual omens.
    If you see a hawk while you’re out and about, it’s generally a good sign. These creatures represent positive characteristics, like wisdom and divination, so spotting one in your waking life could signify that good things are coming your way.
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Spiritual Meanings

  1. Step 1 If a hawk flies over you, it’s time to rise above challenges.
    Hawks are a notorious protective symbol, and their presence may be a message from your guardian angel. Spotting a hawk overhead is most likely a sign that you can overcome whatever hardships are thrown your way. You’re strong and intelligent, just like a hawk, and the spirit world wants to remind you of that.[3]
  2. Step 2 Dead hawks are cautionary signs to trust your gut.
    Although it seems ominous, spotting a dead hawk isn’t necessarily a bad omen. Seeing the death of this beautiful creature may be a message from your angels to trust yourself. You know what’s right and wrong—follow your instincts, and you cannot fail.[4]
  3. Step 3 A hawk’s caw is a message to be strong.
    When you hear the screeching cry of a hawk, it may be the voice of your guardian angel or spirit animal saying, “Be strong! You got this!” Perhaps they’re warning you of a danger ahead or encouraging you to be your best self. Either way, keep your eyes peeled and your head held high because you are strong.
  4. Step 4 If you find a hawk feather, listen to the universe.
    Say you’re on a walk, and a stunning hawk feather is lying across your path. This is most likely a sign from the spirit realm to pay attention to the energy around you. The physical world is full of messages and spiritual signs. Consider what direction the feather is pointing or which way the wind is blowing, as this may be an angel guiding you.[5]
    • Pick up the feather and whisper this affirmation to accept the universe’s message and positive energy: “I listen to what my soul needs and am grateful for the universe’s gifts. I’m blessed and protected.”
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Meanings of Different Kinds of Hawks

  1. Step 1 Red Hawks
    A red-tailed hawk is a sign of power and wisdom. These hawks are the most common and are said to be spiritual representations of intelligence. If you see a red-tail hawk, know that your awareness and intuition are spot-on—follow your gut.[6]
  2. Step 2 Black Hawks
    A black hawk represents your subconscious. Spotting one of these mysterious creatures is a sign that you need to open your third eye. Discover your higher purpose by recording your dreams and meditating.
  3. Step 3 White Hawks
    A white hawk symbolizes peace and clarity. If you see one of these beautiful creatures, you’re moving toward a positive change. The universe is aligning in your favor, and you can see your purpose more clearly. Follow your heart, trust your intuition, and chase your dreams.[7]
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Hawks in Native American Culture

  1. Step 1 Arapaho
    The Arapaho share a story of a bird-loving girl named Sapana. When Sapana finds an injured hawk, she tends the creature back to health and finds its predator, a shapeshifting old man. Sapana is held captive by the old man until birds of prey, including the hawk she saved, rescue her.[8]
  2. Step 2 Cheyenne
    The Cheyenne share a story of a hawk aiding humans in their hunt against buffalo. Legend says that buffalo used to hunt and eat people. That is until a hawk and magpie came to the tribe’s rescue. The hawk and magpie used their wit and speed to defeat Neika “Swift Head,” the fastest buffalo. Because of this tale, hawks are a protective symbol—if a hawk is near, the tribe is safe.[9]
    • The Cheyenne have never hunted or eaten hawks or magpies since. Instead, they use their feathers for ornament to celebrate their former victory and remind prey of their might.
  3. Step 3 Hopi
    Multiple Native American tribes tell stories of hawks, including the Hopi tribe. Their story starts with a mother and son who lived long ago. One day, the boy wandered away from his village and was taken by a Navajo tribe. A hawk rescued the boy, brought him back to his mother, and became the Kind-Hearted Hawk.
    • The Hopi also believe hawks are spirits of nature or Kachina that protect and deliver messages to and from tribes.
  4. Step 4 Shawnee
    The Shawnees tell a tale of a shapeshifter who married a Star Maiden. Waupee the White Hawk lost his wife to the stars and hunted for her every night. When she returned, she begged her husband and son to join her in the stars, so they transformed into white hawks to fly together forever.[10]
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Hawks in Religious Contexts

  1. Step 1 Buddhism
    In Buddhist teachings, a story of a hawk and quail is told to teach mindfulness. The quail is quiet and cautious, while the hawk is boastful and impatient. Buddhists hope the cautionary tale teaches those to control their Mara or desire. The tale is as follows:[11]
    • A quail lives in a field full of dirt clumps, and as long as she stays in her field, she’s safe from predators. One day, the quail wanders outside her field and is captured by a hawk. She tells the hawk it was bad luck and that she should’ve stayed by her dirt. To this, the hawk says he would’ve captured her regardless and put her back in the field to prove his point. However, when he attempts to catch her again, he fails.
  2. Step 2 Christianity
    In the Bible, hawks are symbols of the Holy Spirit. These creatures soar high and low to deliver spiritual messages, representing the Holy Spirit’s will. As a matter of fact, hawks are mentioned in Job 39:26: “Does the hawk fly by your wisdom, And spread its wings toward the south?”[12]
    • Many Christians believe it’s forbidden to hunt or eat hawks because they’re direct communicators with God.[13]
  3. Step 3 Hindu
    In the Hindu faith, the divine messenger Shyena is a hawk. Shyena ascends to Heaven and brings soma or divine nectar to Earth, rejuvenating life.
  4. Step 4 Islam
    In Arabic culture, hawks symbolize heroism and virtue. The desert hawk is specifically associated with Muhammad and his tribe, the Quraysh People. Because of this, a hawk motif is often seen on clothing, flags, and art to represent the Islamic prophet’s power and teachings.[14]
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Cultural Interpretations of Hawks

  1. Step 1 Celtic
    In Irish culture, hawks are symbols of strength, nobility, foresight, wisdom, and pride. Tales of shapeshifting hawks are often told to represent desired qualities and divine power.[15]
    • In Celtic mythology, the hawk is known as Seabhag, who is also the symbol of Bran the Blessed, a giant warrior king.
    • In Celtic astrology, the hawk represents those born between March 18th and April 14th.
  2. Step 2 East Asia
    In Eastern Asia, hawks symbolize strength. These fast-flying creatures are often associated with warriors, thanks to their speed, agility, and hunting skills. Hawks are a popular motif in Chinese and Korean artwork to depict brave, bold, and ambitious character.[16]
    • For example, Zhu Cheng’s painting “Hawk, pine, plum, and rock” showcases a hawk as a symbol of martial power.[17]
  3. Step 3 African
    In Africa, hawks represent faith and courage. Africans believe that seeing a hawk is a sign that their life is about to change. They must have faith that they’re on the right path.
  4. Step 4 Egyptian
    In Ancient Egypt, the hawk was a royal bird often used to depict gods such as Ra, Horus, Khensu, Ptah, Mentu, Rehu, Sokar, and Keghsenuf. Hawks were and are seen as divine, intelligent entities.[18]
  5. Step 5 Greek
    In Greek mythology, a hawk was a messenger for Apollo. Many believe this is where a hawk’s messenger symbolism originated. Along with this, the goddess Circe is also associated with hawks, and it’s believed that her name derives from the word kirkos or circle, indicating a hawk’s spiraling flight pattern.[19]
  6. Step 6 Nordic
    In Norse mythology, hawks represent the goddess Freya. Freya famously wore a crown of hawk feathers and was the goddess of love, fertility, battle, and death. Because of this, Nordic cultures view hawks as symbols of the life cycle.[20]
    • In some tales, Freya is conveyed as a hawk wearing a glistening crown.
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What does it mean when you dream about a hawk?

  1. Step 1 If a hawk flies in your dream, it’s a cautionary tale.
    Your guardian angels are telling you to be aware of your surroundings. Open your eyes and notice your environment. There may be something you’re missing.
    • On the other hand, a hawk flying could represent freedom in a spiritual or creative expression.[21]
    • Keep in mind that interpreting dreams is a personal experience and all relies on context. Your dream may not mean the same thing as someone else’s.
  2. Step 2 If an injured hawk is in your dream, there’s negativity in your life.
    Perhaps something has been bothering you lately, or there seems to be a negative energy you can’t shake. Showing you a hurt hawk in a dream could be your angel's way of helping you work past what’s troubling you.
    • Consider how the hawk is hurt in your dream. Have they broken a wing or twisted a claw? For instance, a broken wing could signify that you feel trapped and cannot “fly away.”
  3. Step 3 If a hawk is hunting a dream, you’re a leader.
    A divine power wants to remind you that you have a warrior’s spirit. Something good is coming your way, perhaps a raise or job offer. No matter the case, take success like a true leader with dignity and humility.
    • Trust that what lies ahead is meant for you—your guardian angel has your back.[22]
  4. Step 4 If there’s more than 1 hawk in your dream, you’re under pressure.
    Maybe a lot is going on in your life right now—you can never catch a break! The hawks in your dream could be metaphors for your swarming and jumbled thoughts, so take this as a sign from the spirits to rest, relax, and take care of yourself.[23]
  5. Step 5 If you dream of a dead hawk, something is about to change.
    Dead hawks aren’t necessarily a bad omen, but they could represent the end and start of something. Take this as a positive sign that with every change comes a new opportunity.
    • For instance, let’s say you’re graduating soon. The dead hawk in your dream could be a metaphor for your schooling but a beacon of the new life you’re about to create.
  6. Step 6 If a hawk attacks in a dream, there’s something you need to overcome.
    The hawk’s dive and attack represent the hurdles in your life, and your guardian angels want you to learn how to dodge and fight back.[24]
    • Notice who’s around you in the dream or where you are when the hawks attack. These details can help you uncover what challenges you’re ready to overcome.
  7. Step 7 If you kill a hawk in a dream, you’re in control of your life.
    Killing a hawk in a dream isn’t necessarily bad—it could mean you’re making strides to better yourself. You know what you want and are not afraid to take it. Dreaming of killing a hawk could be a sign that you’re feeling confident, secure, and supported.
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What does it mean when a hawk and crow are together?

  1. A hawk and crow together is a message from the spirit realm.
    These 2 birds may be different, but their differences make them unique. When a hawk and crow are seen side-by-side, it’s likely a message from your guardian angel to:[25]
    • Balance your intuition and logic. Hawks are known for their sharp eyes, while crows are intelligent and cunning. When these 2 are together, it could be a sign to listen to your heart and head.
    • Make a change. Hawks and crows are symbols of transformation. These creatures adapt to change and soar above the odds, and noticing their partnership may signify that you should do the same.
    • Observe your surroundings. Both birds need to be well aware of their surroundings to survive. Pay attention to your environment the next time you see a hawk and crow together.
    • Balance strength and wit. Hawks are symbols of power, while crows are notorious tricksters. Spotting these birds together may be a sign to align your energy.
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What should you do when you see a hawk?

  1. If you see a hawk, consider the message and take action.
    Whether the hawk appears in a dream or flies over you in real life, take a moment to survey your surroundings and think about what your guardian angel is trying to tell you. Are you on your way to a job interview? Have you been stressed about a final exam? Sending a hawk your way could be a spirit’s way of saying, “Hey! It’ll be okay. You have everything you need. The spirit world has your back.”
    • Remember, hawks are symbols of intelligence, strength, perseverance, and adaptability. More often than not, a spirit guide is telling you to focus on one of these traits when they send you a hawk.
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