10+ Fun Things to do on Your Birthday

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A fun guide to planning the perfect birthday, no matter how old you are Wanting to have an awesome birthday, but don't know how to turn this vision into reality? There are a variety of ways to celebrate, ranging from the relaxing to the...
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Wanting to have an awesome birthday, but don't know how to turn this vision into reality? There are a variety of ways to celebrate, ranging from the relaxing to the raucous! Here are some helpful suggestions to help you to have a great birthday full of family, friends, and fun.

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Fun Birthday Ideas

  1. Step 1 Take a day trip.
    Get out of the house and take a trip somewhere to have some fun. You don’t have to have a particular destination in mind. Rambling helps clear your mind and get your thoughts in order.
    • Hit the road. Take a drive to the far corners of your town or beyond. Travel along the back roads to observe buildings, structures and landmarks you never would have seen otherwise. Jot down any places you might want to revisit in the future. Road trips also offer a chance to visit locations related to your family history. [1]
    • Go to the beach. Beaches offer everything you could want out of a great day – sun, surf and the warm beach sand. Even if the weather is on the colder side, a walk along the beach gives you a great place to think.
    • Find a trail to hike. Much like the beach, hiking offers a great place to collect your thoughts. Nature and other green space is also healthy for the mind and body. [2]
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Holding Your Own Party

  1. Step 2 Create the guest list.
    Figure out where the party is taking place and how many people can comfortably fit into the venue. Prioritize your family and close friends to make sure your party is full of people you enjoy being around.[12]
    • Create a cutoff date. When inviting a large number of people, place a cutoff date for accepting the invitation, or on the number of attendees allowed to the party, to make sure you don’t end up with far more guests than you can handle. If the cutoff date is well before the actual date of the party, you can open the invitations to additional guests to account for those who failed to RSVP.
    • Account for those who can’t make it. If you are planning a large party, allow for guests to invite one friend, or invite more people than you think you can actually handle. This is helpful if your party is less formal and you aren’t sending RSVPs.
    • If you are concerned about guests bringing friends that you aren’t comfortable with, place a caveat on the invitation regarding plus ones. For example, you might require guests to ask if they would like to bring a plus one, allowing you to screen your guests carefully.
  2. Step 5 Organize and prepare leading up to the big day.
    Food, drinks and decorations will need to be taken care of prior to the big day. Assign some work to friends or family to help pull everything together.[13]
    • Create some space. Move tables, chairs, and other furniture in order to create enough space for the expected number of guests. Avoid blocking off exits or creating dangerous obstacles when arranging the party space.
    • Have guests bring food and drink. You can make planning much easier if guests are required to bring food and drink to the party. [14]
      • If you're buying the foods and drinks, make sure to not overbuy, as that is one of the biggest party organizing mistakes that people make. To avoid this, assume that each guest will have two drinks during cocktail hour and one drink every hour thereafter. Don't forget to have non-alcoholic options as well.
    • Set up the music. Create a party playlist according to the ambience of the evening. Preset playlists are available on many music streaming programs, including Spotify and Apple Music. Some popular music stations also list their playlists for you to mix and match.
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  • Drink responsibly at all times.
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