How to Have Fun With Your Cousin for a Week

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If you are spending the week with your cousin, make sure that they have a good time. If your cousin is visiting from out of town or just has a free week, make some plans to have fun. Spend some time planning ahead to make sure you're well...
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If you are spending the week with your cousin, make sure that they have a good time. If your cousin is visiting from out of town or just has a free week, make some plans to have fun. Spend some time planning ahead to make sure you're well prepared. Find some great entertainment options in your area. Lastly, spend some time having fun around the house. Traveling and going out gets tiring. Downtime with them can be fun as well.

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Planning Ahead

  1. Step 1 Make sure your cousin is properly accommodated.
    If your cousin is visiting, you want to make sure they are properly accommodated. This is especially important if your cousin is staying in your home.
    • If your cousin is staying at your house, make sure you have everything ready. Things like towels and toiletries are easy to forget. Set aside some space like an extra closet or drawer for them to keep their things.[1]
    • You should also make sure your cousin's electronic needs are met. Know what kind of phones and computers your cousin uses. Find some extra chargers lying around to properly accommodate him or her.[2]
    • Create a homey vibe. Provide fresh sheets, pillows, and blankets for the guest room or sofa. Add something a little extra, like a fresh bouquet of flowers or a card welcoming your cousin to your home.[3]
    • Stock up on extra food. You may be eating out a lot, however, you should have options for meals at home as well. Healthy breakfast food, like yogurt, fruit, and cereal, is important. Have some snacks, like chips and crackers, as well as some basic staples in case you decide to cook at home one night.
  2. Step 2 Find fun restaurants in your area.
    Eating out is one of the most fun aspects of visiting friends or relatives. Even if your cousin just has a week off school or work, exploring food options in your own town can also be fun. Spend some time finding restaurants in your area.
    • Make sure to accommodate everyone's eating habits. Ask your cousin if he or she has any special dietary restrictions. Your cousin may be allergic to shellfish, for example, or vegetarian/vegan.
    • Find restaurants that meet these needs. Go for establishments within your budget. If your cousin is visiting from college, for example, he or she may not want to drop a lot of money at a 5-star restaurant. You can search restaurants by price-range on websites such as Yelp.
    • Ask friends and co-workers for suggestions as well. If you have a Facebook page, consider posting a status saying your cousin is in town or taking a week off. Ask people for suggestions of good restaurants and specifics on what you're looking for (e.g., something cheap, something with vegan options, etc.).
  3. Step 3 Make a guest checklist.
    A guest checklist sounds a little formal, but it can really help you plan a fun trip. If your cousin is visiting from another area, consider making a checklist to make sure all of his or her needs are met.
    • First, ask your cousin for his or her travel itinerary. You want to know when you need to pick him or her up from the airport or bus station. Jot these things down on the checklist so you remember.[4]
    • You should also list anything you need to do on your end. You may want to give your apartment a good cleaning. You might have to get the air mattress out of storage or change the sheets in the guest bedroom. If your cousin has any special accommodations, make sure you keep those in mind. For example, if your cousin is bringing her dog along for the trip, consider stocking up on dog treats.[5]
    • If you haven't seen your cousin in awhile, it may be nice to buy him or her a small present. You don't have to go overboard, but a nice card and a small gift, like a box of chocolates, could be a nice touch.
  4. Step 4 Ask your cousin what he or she wants to do.
    Lastly, keep in mind what your cousin wants to do. When you have a guest in town, you may be overeager to show him or her your favorite places in town. However, keep your cousin's interests as the primary focus.
    • Ask your cousin to give you a call or shoot you an e-mail and tell you some things he or she is interested in doing. If you know your cousin, you may already know some of his or her interests. However, it is not a bad idea to let your cousin have some direct input.
    • If you live in a big city, there is a good chance your cousin already has some plans. It's a good idea to know what these plans are ahead of time so you can find the best ways to carry them out. For example, say you live in Los Angeles and your cousin wants to go to Venice Beach. You can see which days Venice is the least crowded to avoid traffic and difficulty parking.
    • Keep your cousin's personal interests in mind. If your cousin is a passionate animal lover, for example, do some research on local zoos.
  5. Step 5 Plan accordingly for younger guests.
    If your cousin is younger, make sure to take his or her age into consideration. Younger relatives may need special considerations.
    • A very young child may need a nightlight or other comforting objects to help him or her sleep. You may want to provide some age appropriate toys. You can stop by a local supermarket and browse the toy section. Toys are usually labeled by age group.
    • You may want to plan events appropriate for someone younger. Look into local parks, children's museums, and so on. If you work or go to school, a younger relative may require supervision when you're gone. Make a plan for a babysitter.
    • If your cousin is in high school or middle school, things may be a little easier. Children of this age are usually more independent. You may be able to leave your cousin home alone. However, make sure you plan events accordingly. For example, you obviously cannot take someone this young to an establishment that serves alcohol. You may want to look into fun, cool events targeted at teens. Maybe a local community center has a music night for teenagers.
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Entertaining Your Cousin

  1. Step 1 Check out local parks.
    Many towns and cities have local parks. This can be a fun option if your cousin is in town. Taking a long walk through a park is a low-cost form of entertainment. Many parks have free or low cost performances on certain days of the week. Browse a schedule online and see if anything fun is coming up the week your cousin wants to spend with you.[6]
    • If you live in a big city, like New York City, Central Park can be a great place to take an out-of-town visitor. If the weather's nice, you can have a lot of fun simply walking through the park and seeing the famous landmarks and statues.
    • Some parks have street performers. If you live in an area where street performers are common, this is something your cousin may enjoy.[7]
    • If you have a younger cousin, a park or a playground can be wildly entertaining for him or her. On your end, you can look up some games to play with children. For example, playing tag in Central Park for an afternoon can be a fun activity for when your 10 year-old cousin visits New York City.
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Having Fun at Home

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