What Does It Mean to Dream about the Same Person? 9 Interpretations

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Discover the surprising meaning of your unique reoccurring dream with these 9 comprehensive interpretationsOur dreams often feature a random cast of characters, but sometimes the same person just keeps popping up! If you've been dreaming...
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Our dreams often feature a random cast of characters, but sometimes the same person just keeps popping up! If you’ve been dreaming about the same person, you might be curious if someone or something is trying to send you a message. In this article, we’ll provide 9 possible interpretations and ways to work through your dream so that you can rest easy knowing what dreaming of the same person might mean. Remember, these dream interpretations are based on spiritual and superstitious beliefs, not science, so be sure to use your best judgment when considering your dream’s meaning.

Things You Should Know

  • Dreaming about the same person might indicate that you have unresolved issues with them. Reaching out to them about the problem might ease your stress.
  • A repeated dream about a loved one who’s passed might indicate that you’re still grieving. Reach out to your community for support and avoid self-isolating.
  • If you repeatedly dream of a friend or loved one, you probably miss them. Call them to talk and let them know they’ve been on your mind.

You’re working through unresolved issues with them.

  1. You might be hoping to move past a disagreement with someone.
    Whether it’s your friend, your parents, or a colleague, having problems with people in your personal or work life could result in a recurring dream about them. If you feel you didn’t get a chance to express your feelings properly, and it’s affecting your sleep, it might be time to reach out to them and have an open conversation about what’s been bothering you.[1]
    • Sometimes, problems just never get solved. Though this can be frustrating and disheartening, try not to let it affect the rest of your life by choosing to think positively and focus on the things that make you happy.
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You might have a spiritual or romantic connection with them.

  1. Repeatedly dreaming of someone could mean your twin flame is coming.
    Some people believe that the universe brings you closer to your twin flame, or perfect match, through dreams. Twin flames can be romantic or platonic, so if you keep dreaming of someone you know, or even a stranger, it might be a sign from the universe that you’re twin flame is already in your life or on their way!
    • Pay attention to the context of the dream. If you felt romantic emotions towards this person, it might indicate a new love, while if you felt happy and supported, it might be symbolic of a new friendship forming.
    • If you already have a romantic partner, don’t forget that twin flames don’t have to be romantic. A twin flame is just someone who brings out the best in you and helps you grow as a person.[2]
    • Get closer to finding your twin flame by being open to making new friends wherever you go, like the coffee shop, the gym, you name it.

You’re missing someone close to you.

  1. Missing a loved one can result in a reoccurring dream of them.
    Dreaming of someone you haven’t seen in a while is a good indication that you wish you could see them in real life.[3] It might be a great time to reconnect with your loved ones and plan that trip you’ve been meaning to take to visit them!
    • If you can’t make plans to see this person, but you’re still in contact, give them a call or text to let them know that you’re thinking of them. It’s sure to make their day.
    • If you dreamt of an old friend from your past and don’t know what happened to them but want to contact them, searching for their name on social media or speaking with other old friends is a great place to start.
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You might have gone through a messy breakup.

  1. Dreaming of an ex might indicate that you’re not over them yet.
    Getting over a relationship can be an incredibly painful and stressful experience. Since our brains often process stress in the form of dreams, repeatedly dreaming of an ex-partner can indicate that you’re working through what happened between the two of you and adapting to change.[4]
    • Make sure you take some time to process your emotions by allowing yourself to grieve the loss of your relationship.
    • Watch your favorite movie, reach out to friends, and do things that make you happy to make adapting to your breakup easier.

You want to get closer to this person.

  1. You might be looking to bring new people into your life.
    Sometimes we meet or even see someone and instantly feel compelled to learn more about them. If you keep dreaming of an acquaintance or stranger you’ve seen around, you probably want to talk to them and possibly become their friend or love interest.[5]
    • Consider the context of the dream–if you were romantically attracted to this person, they might be someone worth pursuing a relationship with!
    • Putting yourself out there can be scary, but life-long relationships can start with a simple hello!
    • Ask your friends if they know of the person you’re interested in. They might have a way to connect you, like a mutual friend.
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You might be reflecting on qualities you admire.

  1. Dreaming of a stranger could mean you’re looking to improve yourself.
    The subjects of our dreams often reflect some part of ourselves that we’d like to develop.[6] Consider how the person acted in the dream. If you repeatedly dream about someone who is kind or brave, for example, you likely want to develop those attributes yourself.
    • When considering the meaning of your dream, listen to your intuition. If there was something about the person you liked or disliked, it might be a sign to develop that quality or avoid it in yourself.
    • If you dreamed of a kind, happy person, it may be a reminder to treat yourself with respect and do things that bring you joy, like getting out in nature and spending time with friends.

You’re hoping to advance in your career.

  1. Dreaming of your boss or colleague might indicate career growth.
    Sometimes your waking dreams align with your sleeping ones, so if you’ve been hoping for a promotion or other career opportunity, your brain might be coming up with ideas to get you there while you sleep![7] If you keep dreaming of a specific colleague or person in a position of interest to you, it might be a sign to reach out and network with them–who knows what opportunities may come from it?
    • Stand out to your boss by being an asset to your workplace. Make efforts to get along with the people around you and be proactive about finding areas where you can help, like starting team assignments early.
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You might be grieving the loss of someone.

  1. Grief is often processed in the form of dreams.
    Whether someone you love has recently passed away, or even if they passed away years ago, having recurring dreams about them could be your way of processing grief. Additionally, many people across different cultures believe that our loved ones can visit us in our dreams to comfort us.[8]
    • If you’re grieving the loss of someone, reach out to your community for support. Sharing stories about the one you loved can bring a great way to remember their legacy and avoid self-isolation.

You might need extra support.

  1. Dreaming of someone comforting could mean you’re feeling vulnerable.
    If you’ve been through a challenging time or feel lonely lately, you might keep dreaming about the same person because they bring comfort and make you happy. Listen to your intuition and make time to spend with the ones who boost your mood and support you through all the ups and downs of life–it’s critical to your mental health.[9]
    • If the person you keep dreaming of lives far away from you, call them instead. Pep talks are just as effective over the phone!
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