What Does UPS "On the Way" Mean?

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Understanding UPS delivery lingo so you can get your package ASAP The United Parcel Service (UPS) uses a variety of different tracking statuses to keep customers up-to-date on where their packages currently are. "On the Way" is a common...
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The United Parcel Service (UPS) uses a variety of different tracking statuses to keep customers up-to-date on where their packages currently are. “On the Way” is a common status that UPS customers may see while tracking their package, as well as “Out for Delivery, “Label Created,” or “Exception.” We’ll give you a quick run-down on what all these statuses mean (along with tips on how to track your package), so you can stay informed on the status of your shipment.

Disclaimer: If you’re having an issue with your UPS order, contact UPS customer service on their website or by dialing 1-888-742-5877.

Things You Should Know

  • “On the Way” means that your UPS package is in transit to its next destination. It has a delivery date, but it’s not out for delivery just yet.
  • “Out for Delivery” means that your UPS package is in the delivery truck and headed to your home by the end of the day.
  • “Exception” means that your package delivery date will likely be delayed. UPS will provide a reason for the delay in the tracking status.
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What does “On the Way” mean for UPS?

  1. “On the Way” means that your package is en route but not out for delivery.
    It won’t arrive at your doorstep that day, but it’s in the UPS system, has an official delivery date, and is currently being shipped to your destination. A package may have this status up until it’s transferred to the delivery truck for final delivery.[1] Your package may be scanned as it reaches different checkpoints during its journey, which update you on its exact location.
    • If you’re ordering something from far away (like internationally), you might not get an update on the exact location of your package until it arrives at your closest UPS hub.
    • The label might also say “Shipped” instead of “On the Way.” These statuses ultimately mean the same thing.
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Other UPS Tracking Statuses

  1. Step 1 Out for Delivery
    The package has reached the final UPS hub (the one closest to your location) and is on a delivery truck headed to your home.[2] UPS typically stays out delivering packages until 9 PM, so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received your shipment yet. If you don’t receive your package on that same day, UPS will try to redeliver the following business day.[3]
  2. Step 2 Delivered to a UPS Access Point
    Your package was delivered to a UPS Access Point and can be picked up there. UPS Access Points are businesses that are registered to receive UPS packages (like a courier).
    • If you don’t remember scheduling a delivery to an access point, log into your UPS My Choice account to see if you or a member of your household set a UPS Access Point to your account.
    • Go here to see where your nearest UPS Access Point or UPS store is.
  3. Step 3 Transferred to Post Office for Delivery
    The original shipper requested that the local post office handle the delivery rather than UPS, so the package is in USPS possession now.[4]
    • To get an updated tracking status, paste the UPS tracking number onto the USPS tracking page.
  4. Step 4 Exception
    An issue or error popped up in the delivery process and may cause a delay in your delivery date. Go to the “Tracking Detail” page for your shipment and select “Shipment Progress” to get more info on what’s going on. Once the issue is ironed out, your package’s tracking info will be updated with a more accurate delivery date.[5]
  5. Step 5 Label Created
    The original shipper sent the basic information about your package to UPS, but the physical package isn’t in the UPS system yet. Once the shipment is in transit, the status will be updated.[6]
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How to Track a UPS Package

  1. Go to the...
    Go to the tracking page on the UPS website. Type in or paste the UPS tracking number in the tracking search bar on the page.
    • Tracking numbers issued by UPS are typically 9, 11, 12, or 18 digits long. 18-digit numbers start with 1Z, while 11-digit numbers start with T. The 9- and 12-digit numbers are completely numerical.
    • The UPS tracking system accommodates other types of tracking numbers that can be as little as 7 digits or as long as 20 digits.
    • Alternative: Download the UPS Mobile app on iOS or Android to track a package from your phone.

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