How to Hack (and Share) the Royal Caribbean Drink Package

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The best tips to get the most out of your drink package while enjoying your cruiseYour cruise is booked, your itinerary is set, and your drink package is purchased! But when you take a look at the price of everything, your drink package...
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Your cruise is booked, your itinerary is set, and your drink package is purchased! But when you take a look at the price of everything, your drink package might stick out as an expensive luxury. With a daily charge between $60 and $80, it’s no wonder that you’d want to save money and get the most bang for your buck. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled the best drink package hacks you can use on your Royal Caribbean cruise to cheat the system and save money. Let’s dive in!

Things You Should Know

  • Purchase your drink package ahead of time online to get a discount.
  • Order top-shelf liquor when you get drinks to make the most of your money.
  • Order non-alcoholic drinks, like juice, coffee, and soda, throughout the day as part of your drinks package.

Buy your drink package before the cruise.

  1. Look for discounts up to 72 hours before you set sail.
    While purchasing the drink package onboard is an option, you can also log onto Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner to buy your package ahead of time. Before your departure date, log on and see if there are any discounted plans available. You might just get a bargain![1]
    • If you’ve already purchased your drink package at a higher price (and you aren’t on the cruise yet), you can cancel the order and rebuy at the discounted rate.
    • The Deluxe Beverage Package normally costs between $60 and $80 per day, depending on the cruise that you purchase. It includes unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, plus discounts on bottled wine.[2]
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Share the drink package with someone else.

  1. Bend the rules to share your alcoholic drinks with another member.
    While this goes directly against Royal Caribbean’s rules, many cruise guests have reported success with this tactic. Simply purchase 1 Deluxe Beverage Package (which includes alcohol), then buy a Refreshment Package for another guest (which is strictly non-alcoholic drinks). When the person with the Deluxe Package purchases alcohol, they can give some to the other person on the sly.
    • While this is a valid option, Royal Caribbean specifies that if you are caught sharing your Deluxe Beverage Package, your package will be canceled without a refund.[3] If you choose to use this option, do it carefully!

Order top-shelf liquor at the bar.

  1. Specify the liquor you want to get the most bang for your buck.
    You’re already paying a daily fee for drinks—why not make sure those are the highest quality drinks available? When you order a cocktail or a shot of liquor, be sure to specify that you want something from the top-shelf, and not anything cheap.
    • The Deluxe Beverage Package allows you to order any drink up to a $13 value.[4]
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Take advantage of the non-alcoholic drinks.

  1. Sip on sodas and juice during the day for the full Deluxe experience.
    Your beverage package isn’t just about booze! The Deluxe Beverage Package also includes fountain drinks, coffee, juices, bottled water, and mocktails.[5] Be sure you’re ordering drinks of all kinds throughout the day to get your money’s worth.
    • Unfortunately, drink packages don’t cover any Starbucks on board.

Take bottled water with you on excursions.

  1. Grab some water to take with you for a free way to stay hydrated.
    No matter what drink package you have, Royal Caribbean almost always lets you grab a few bottles of water to take with you on adventures. Instead of worrying about where to buy water once you’re out and about, throw a few water bottles in your backpack or purse before heading off the ship.
    • However, you won’t be able to take any alcohol with you on excursions.
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Go to events with free drinks to avoid buying a drink package.

  1. Some events onboard will give you drinks even if you don’t have a drink package.
    If you’re dead-set on not purchasing the Deluxe Beverage Package but you’d still like to drink alcohol, look around at the events you can attend. Art auctions and other fancy events like these will often splurge on beverages for guests that you don’t have to pay for.[6]
    • The VIP lounge, also called the Suite Lounge, also provides free drinks all day.[7] However, this area is only for guests that are Grand-Suite Level and above.

Bring your own wine on board.

  1. Take 1 bottle of wine from home to drink for free on board.
    While other types of alcohol are strictly prohibited, Royal Caribbean does allow wine on board. Have each member of your party who is old enough to legally drink bring 1 bottle (750 mL) of sealed wine or champagne. You can drink the wine for free in your own room, or you can pay a $15 uncorking fee to drink the wine in public areas onboard.[8]
    • Bottled wine is fine, but boxed wine is not allowed on the ship.
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Sneak booze onto the cruise.

  1. Take your own liquor onboard if you can slip it through security.
    While alcohol (except 1 bottle of wine) is not allowed on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are some ways around the rule that guests have figured out. Try pouring liquor into a disguised flask, like a shampoo bottle flask or an empty mouthwash bottle, then packing it in your luggage like normal.[9]
    • Keep in mind that if your liquor is found by security, it will be taken away and not returned.

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