How to Live Life As a Kid

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No matter what adults say, being a child can be tough. You only have a few years of experience, and yet you need to navigate in a huge world full of incredible and scary things. This article will offer you some guidance so that you have a...
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No matter what adults say, being a child can be tough. You only have a few years of experience, and yet you need to navigate in a huge world full of incredible and scary things. This article will offer you some guidance so that you have a better shot at having a full, happy, healthy, and successful childhood!


Make good friends.

  1. Talk to new people and see if you have anything in common.
    It’s fine to stay friends with children you’ve known forever, but really try to branch out and make a few friends of all different kinds. You can play at each other’s houses, play outside together, or play during school.[1]
    • It can be tough to make new friends, especially if you don’t know anyone yet. When in doubt, walk up to another child who’s standing alone and introduce yourself. Say something like, “Hi, my name’s Eliot. What’s yours?”
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Accept other people.

  1. Try not to judge anyone for things they can’t control.
    If you see someone who’s different than you, it doesn’t mean anything bad. People come in all shapes and sizes, and that should be celebrated![2]
    • As you grow up, you might see children bullying other children for the way they look, act, or dress. Bullying is wrong on so many levels, so you should tell a trusted adult about it straight away. Say something like, “Yesterday, I found a few people making fun of my friend Ralph at recess because of his asthma. I had no idea what to do except tell you, Mrs. Ehlderson,”.

Be kind to others.

  1. Try your hardest to be kind to other children; when you're kind to people, they’re usually kind back.
    A simple “hey” can really make someone’s day better. Even if you don’t know the person, you should still try to be kind to them.[3]
    • For instance, maybe there’s a child in your school who always eats lunch alone. You could invite them to eat lunch at your table and see if you two can become friends.
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Be yourself.

  1. Don’t change yourself to fit in with anyone else.
    It can be tempting to try to make new friends by pretending you have the same interests; however, it won’t be very fun in the long run. Try to stay true to who you are, even if it seems hard.[4]
    • Children are sometimes tempted to fit in with the popular people by pretending to be what they’re not. If you ignore of your real interests just to hang out with certain people, you won’t have any real fun together.
    • If you are considered to be the most popular boy/girl within your class, take advantage of it for the right reasons, for example, if you suggest going to the aquarium for a class field trip.

Do stuff that you like to do.

  1. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
    Try to do it as often as you can! When you’re a child, you have a lot more time to do fun stuff, and a lot less responsibilities to take care of. As long as it’s something harmless and fun, go for it![5]
    • Maybe you like collecting and reading comic books, making art, playing practical jokes/telling jokes, watching cartoons, or either going swimming or sailing.
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Try new things.

  1. Branch out your interests at least a bit.
    It can be scary to try new things, but you might find something you really like! From foods to activities to friendships, keep an open mind about stuff so you don’t get too boxed in.[6]
    • If your father makes something new for dinner, give it a taste before you say if you like it or not.
    • If your friend wants to play a new video game, try it out for a few minutes to see if it’s fun or not.

Have a lot of fun.

  1. You’re a child, so focus on being happy!
    If you ever feel stressed or bummed out, talk to your parents or a trusted adult about it. You’re only young once, so try to make the most of your time by living life the way you want to live, but don't feel like you have to do something every day. Children are relaxed and tolerant, so try to adopt that attitude into your mindset. [7]
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Try hard in school.

  1. It might not be fun, but it’s important.
    Even when you’re a child, you should try really hard in all of your classes. If you’re struggling with a subject or an assignment, ask your parents or your teacher to help you out.[8]
    • If you’re really stuck on a subject, you could even ask your parents to hire you a tutor.

Look on the bright side of things.

  1. Keep a positive attitude about your life.
    Even if something bad happens to you, there might be a good thing tucked away in there that you can’t quite see yet. If you catch yourself getting down, try to think of at least one good thing that’s going to happen.[9]
    • For example, maybe your friend is moving to another state and you won’t get to see them as often. The good news is that they live near a beach now, so you can go visit them in the summer and play in the ocean!
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Be proud of yourself.

  1. Everyone has stuff that they’re good at.
    If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, try making a list of what you can do well. Try taking a peek at that list any time you’re feeling bummed out.[10]
    • Maybe you’re good at writing, or video games, or picking out outfits, or being kind, gentle, and compassionate towards others.
    • If you’re feeling stuck, try asking your friends or parents what you’re good at. Sometimes, other people recognize stuff we’re good at before we do.

Listen to your guardian(s).

  1. Most of the time, they know best.
    It might not seem like it right now, but the adults in your life usually have your best interests at heart. Try to always listen to what your parents have to say, even if you don’t quite understand it now.[11]
    • If you don’t understand a rule, try asking your parents to explain it. You can be easygoing and respectful by saying, “I don’t quite get why I have to do that. Can you tell me?”
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