How to Make a Difference As a Christian Youth

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If you want to make a difference as a Christian youth, you should remember that it's not just about going to church or reading the Bible (although those things definitely matter). You can make a difference by living a Christian life every...
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If you want to make a difference as a Christian youth, you should remember that it's not just about going to church or reading the Bible (although those things definitely matter). You can make a difference by living a Christian life every single day. There are many ways you can give back and make a difference as a Christian youth.

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Having the Right Attitude

  1. Step 1 Be a good example for other youth.
    As a Christian youth, you should lead by example. That means following Christian teachings. Everything you do in your life should reflect the goodness of God.[1]
    • Show positivity, smile, and do good works.[2] Don’t talk behind other people’s backs. Be kind to all people, including those who aren’t popular. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.
    • Be a leader. Don’t participate or laugh at sinful subjects. Just walk away. But also try to get people to stop doing it. If you see bullying occurring, intervene. Be the one person at your school that doesn't tolerate cussing or gossip.
    • Don’t drink, smoke, party, cheat on tests, gossip, or engage in other negative behaviors. Be someone who spends Friday night on their knees in prayer rather than at a party getting wasted.
  2. Step 2 Be patient and kind.
    If people can't tell you're a Christian by your actions and words, you're doing it wrong. You need to live every single day with the right attitude.
    • Love others and be willing to help them even at cost to yourself.[3] This is a fundamental commandment that Jesus gave during his time on Earth. To love others as you love yourself is so important. Don’t let ego and status stop you from treating others as you would your own brothers and sisters.
    • Don't be close minded. Love all people of all religions, races, sexual orientations, and beliefs. Don't swear or speak about inappropriate things, or make intolerant statements. You can't make a positive difference if you are cursing or making dirty jokes. Be respectful, honorable, and pure.
    • Set an example of Christianity every day at work or school, or both. Be humble, kind, patient, and respectful when engaging with non-Christians.
  3. Step 3 Reach out to people who are shunned by others.
    Jesus showed love to people who were treated negatively by others or regarded lowly by society. Never give up on someone, and especially never give up on God, in the good times and the bad.
    • You will encounter islands in school and other settings. This means there are people who only hang out with certain people because they don't know anyone else and won't make an effort to know anyone else. It is something everyone does. You need to step up and be a bridge, which means stepping out of your comfort zone.
    • You can sit with someone who sits alone at lunch and just be a friend. Or you could lend a listening ear to them. Building a personal relationship is a great first step to leading someone to Christ. A subtle but effective way to spread faith is to plant seeds and allow the Holy Spirit to take root within others.
    • You have the relationships with the people around you already, and you can be the one who encourages them, offers prayers, and lives out the Bible so as to be an example of God's love and grace. Treat everyone as an equal. Whatever their status in life or profession, remember that all people are God's creation and deserve a chance to be understood.
  4. Step 4 Be able to take rejection or loss with grace.
    You should be happy to do the good deeds you do. However, it can be more challenging to show a positive attitude when you are rejected or otherwise face negativity in your life.
    • When confronted about your beliefs, don't freak out. Remember that everyone has a different story as to how they became a Christian, whether it was a dramatic conversion or they just grew up in it, but no matter how you became a Christian, it's your firsthand account. Tell people why you believe what you believe even if they ridicule you for it.[4]
    • Turn the other cheek. If someone is rude to you or cruel, show them forgiveness and love. Forgiveness is a Christian trait. We are all born sinners, and we all struggle and we all fall at times. Don’t let that discourage you. If someone’s hurt you, find a way to forgive.
    • When you fall, forgive yourself too, and pick yourself back up and try again. What matters to God is how many times you stand up. Strive to grow in a positive way. You are unique, you have your own gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Grow the positive aspects of your personality.
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Part 2
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Learning More About Your Faith

  1. Step 1 Keep studying your faith.
    Continue to study and learn about your faith as you get older. Know that even adults still work on the tough questions.
    • Come to youth group with a heart that wants to learn. People will notice a change in your group. Start answering questions and step out of your comfort zone. Once you step out of your comfort zone, others will start to step out of theirs.[5]
    • Spouting verse is all well and good, but understanding the deeper meaning behind it all, how it fits into the entire narrative of the Bible, is more important. You can say "God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son..." (John 3:16), but until you can show that same love to others, it's difficult for others to see the positive change caused by your faith.
  2. Step 2 Read the Bible....
    Read the Bible. You could try to read a scripture a day. God’s word is vital to a Christian life because it provides guidelines. You could also listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos on your faith.
    • Ask questions. You won’t know everything. There are many Christians who have studied faith for their whole lives, but they still don’t know everything. Keep in mind that historical context, language, translation, context or meaning can matter when reading Christian teachings.
    • Seek out older religious teachers and show them great respect, such as a pastor or priest or a Sunday school teacher. Ask them to help you learn more about your faith. Make sure that you keep involved in a Bible study, preferably involving kids your age. This is much more effective in helping you learn and relate to the Bible than attending only traditional worship services.
  3. Step 3 Pray...
    Pray as often as you can and go to church. You can simply start off by saying, “God, I do not know what to do, but I have this desire in my heart to make a difference.” God doesn’t care what you say to Him. He just loves to listen to you.[6]
    • You could start a prayer journal so that you can remember what you prayed for and then see how God has answered your prayers. Don’t forget to pray for others too, not just for yourself.
    • You should attend church as much as you can and ask your parents if they can drive you. Try memorizing some important prayers and saying them before you go to bed and every meal. Just take time out of your day to relax and think about God, what are you thankful for and what you did wrong and could improve.
    • Ask God what to do through prayer. God knows all your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and he knows what’s right for you to do to make a difference. Don't let your age or comfort zones get in the way of doing what God calls you to do.
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Part 3
Part 3 of 3:

Giving Back to Others

  1. Step 1 Lead a fundraiser...
    Lead a fundraiser to help someone in need. Maybe you start out by collecting spare change or donating your allowance. Find a worthy cause, and help collect donations for it. Or just give whatever money you have to a good cause.[7]
    • You could use an online donation site. You can also help by joining or helping a cause that revolves around helping people know about God and His Word; there are many organizations that cater to the needs of less fortunate people all across the world as well as teach them about Christ.
    • Perhaps you do car washes or lemonade stands. Sell your old books. It’s not necessarily how much you donate that counts. It’s the fact you’re giving most or all of what you have that matters.
  2. Step 2 Join a youth group or mission.
    This is another way that you can give back: By getting involved with group activities associated with your church. Try to get involved in your local church's mission trips, whether they are around the world, national, or local. If your church does not have these types of trips, you could bring the idea to the congregation.[8]
    • Try tithing (giving 10% of your money to your church), or donating some of the stuff you don't use anymore. Inviting your friends to church or youth group are great ideas too.
    • Don’t treat youth group like school, and don’t act like it bores you. Dedicate yourself to God, and show this by always staying happy and cheerful and giving what you can to the group. You could also start/join a Christian club at your school (if it's allowed)
    • Remember that a mission doesn't have to be across an ocean. You could go on a mission trip to a local college or high school and help out staff with some church friends and talk about Jesus to anyone willing to listen.
  3. Step 3 Be open about your faith and principles.
    At times, this might be very difficult. You might feel like the only Christian youth around who is open about faith. Stand your ground. Actively develop your relationship with Christ. Get out and interact with people and develop relationships.
    • Christian youth are ambassadors, not secret agents. In order to change people's hearts, you first need to interact with them. Be as outward as possible about your faith. You could wear shirts that spark conversations.
    • Stand up for and voice your moral beliefs. You can do this in a way that sounds positive, not negative. Be willing to stand up for what you believe in. Be a witness to what God has done for you as a Christian. A lot of young people have some, little, or absolutely no faith in God whatsoever. By being walking proof about what the word has to offer, you are making a difference somewhere.
  4. Step 4 Give back by volunteering your time.
    You could help the homeless, take care of an elderly or disabled person, or work at an animal shelter. Help at your church, school, and in your home too.
    • You can also give back in smaller ways by simply being a positive force in your environment. Help classmates with schoolwork out of class, for example. You can organize park cleanups or volunteer for blood drives.
    • Help yourchurch. Basically just volunteer to help your church. It could be something as simple as holding the door for people visiting your church. You could offer to clean up after the services.
  5. Step 5 Share your faith if you think it will help others.
    This doesn’t mean that you try to push your beliefs on others. However, if someone asks you about what keeps you strong in all you do, gently tell them you believe in God, and you put all your worries/fears/pain onto God so that you can help others with theirs.
    • Also don't be afraid to share your testimony- talk to your youth minister/pastor about opportunities to share your story, and where you can help within the church. The important thing to remember is that simply letting people know you are a Christian can sometimes be enough as long as you are happy and friendly and don't force anything down anyone's throat.
    • It’s a good idea to let more people know that God has their back if you perceive that a person is struggling and receptive to the message. However, understand that being a Christian is not about beating out other religions. Christianity is a peaceful and loving religion. Learn to love the people around you for who they are and that you cannot change them by shoving a Bible down their throat. If you want to show how Christianity has made you a better person, be kind to those around you regardless of their beliefs.
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