How to Make a Portable and Rechargeable USB Charger

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Learn how to build your own portable USB charger from an Altoids Mints tinEver caught nowhere near a charger and you just need to use your device? With this easy to make portable charger you'll never be caught without power ever again. And...
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Ever caught nowhere near a charger and you just need to use your device? With this easy to make portable charger you'll never be caught without power ever again. And this charger can be recharged so you can recharge on the go again and again.


  1. Step 1 Clear all the mints and paper out of the Altoids tin (mints can be put in a plastic bag so they can still be eaten.
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  • Don't leave device charging when you aren't present. You don't have to watch it like a hawk but you may want to check it every 2 hours to check for overheating (Rare.)
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  • Do not wet or expose to fire or heat or freezing temperatures.
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  • As with anything electrical, use caution when operating and making.
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  • When charging the charger, make sure the batteries do not get VERY VERY hot. Warmness is okay but if it becomes so hot you cannot touch it without getting serious burns is not. Immediately throw out the charger if this occurs.
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  • Beware of jealous friends that may try to steal you totally awesome charger.
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  • Do not use or store in extreme cold or heat.
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  • Know the risks: I am not responsible to potential damage to you or your devices
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  • Browning around the hole from the Dremel is normal--it is from the heat of the sparks.
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  • If using a Dremel to make a hole in your Altoids tin, beware of sparks. If you see sparks make sure you are careful not to ignite a flame on flammable material. Do not let sparks touch you, your clothes, or your hair. If you have very large sparks, make sure they do not ignite anything. If sparks are large, lower the speed.
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  • Smoke from the metal on metal from the Dremel carving a hole is not to be inhaled.
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  • Using a too powerful charger may overheat batteries and cause the batteries to leak. Suitable chargers are: a computer's or laptop's USB port or an AC USB port with a voltage of 5 volts and a current of less than 1000mA (1A.) iPhone chargers, HTC USB chargers, and Kindle chargers are fine. You can check your AC USB charger this by reading the back or side of your charger under the output and verifying the current is less than 1000mA. 500mA is recommended. I STRONGLY recommend you use a computer's USB port.
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  • Do not short the batteries.
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  • This may not charge iPods and all devices.
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  • Do not charge for extended periods of time. NEVER overnight. 4 hours maximum. This circuit does NOT stop charging after the batteries reach a certain voltage; overcharging will destroy the batteries.
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Things You'll Need

  • Female USB connector (or USB extender--see steps)
  • 4 rechargeable NI-MH AAA batteries with a current of 500mA to 1000mA
  • 4 AAA battery holder
  • Altoids tin (or similar metal box, flavor doesn't matter)
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering iron (optional, recommended)
  • Wire (optional)
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Something to carve a hole in the Altoids tin (ex. Dremel)

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