What Is the Meaning of a White Dove?

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Learn what white doves mean when you encounter them in person or in a dreamRepresentative of peace, purity, hope, and love, white doves are some of the most positive omens out there. If you want to learn more about the meaning of these...
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Representative of peace, purity, hope, and love, white doves are some of the most positive omens out there. If you want to learn more about the meaning of these beautiful birds, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover all the symbolic, spiritual, and cultural interpretations of white doves, and we’ll also go over what it means if you encounter them in a dream, or in your daily life. Keep reading for everything you need to know!

Things You Should Know

  • White doves are symbols of purity, hope, peace, prosperity, and connection to the divine.
  • Because they mate for life, white doves also represent love, faithfulness, and everlasting partnership.
  • In the Bible, white doves are associated with the Holy Spirit. In ancient Greece and Rome, they were associated with Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love.
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Spiritual & Symbolic Meanings of White Doves

  1. Step 1 Purity & innocence
    Due to their pristine white feathers, white doves have long been associated with innocence. They represent spiritual purity and the ability to remain untainted by the world’s negativity.[1] White doves can serve as reminders to embrace your innocent, youthful side and maintain a pure heart.
  2. Step 2 Peace, hope, & new beginnings
    This may date all the way back to the biblical story of Noah’s ark. After the flood, it is believed that Noah sent a dove out from the ark to see if the waters had receded. The dove returned with an olive leaf in its beak, confirming that the flood had ended.[2] In this story, the dove represents the return of peace after darkness, as well as hope for a fresh start.[3]
    • Olive branches themselves are also symbols of peace, which further reinforces the meaning of the story.[4]
  3. Step 3 Love & faithfulness
    Because doves mate for life, they are often seen as symbols of fidelity, monogamy, and enduring love.[5] They’re often released at weddings to represent everlasting partnership and blessings for the newlyweds.[6]
  4. Step 4 Prosperity & good luck
    White doves are often seen as signs of impending success. They serve as positive omens of incoming financial stability and victory in professional endeavors.[7] More generally, they can also symbolize good luck and blessings in any area of your life where you need it.[8]
  5. Step 5 Divine connection & spirituality
    White doves are often seen as messengers between the physical and the spiritual realms, and they therefore symbolize a connection to the divine.[9] This may be due to the fact that white dove feathers closely resemble the white feathers of angels’ wings.
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Cultural & Religious Meanings of White Doves

  1. Step 1 In the U.S., white doves are often released at weddings and funerals.
    At weddings, doves are released to represent everlasting love and faithfulness. At funerals, dove releases symbolically represent letting go of your departed loved one, so they can rest and be at peace.[10]
  2. Step 2 In Chinese culture, doves represent fidelity and eternal love.
    This is likely due to the fact that doves form lifelong partnerships with their mates.[11] They also symbolize longevity and the ability to live a long, healthy life.[12]
  3. Step 3 In Christianity, white doves are associated with God and the Holy Spirit.
    In the Bible, God uses white doves to communicate His presence and faithfulness to followers. The Holy Spirit also descends in the form of a dove after Jesus’s baptism in the New Testament.[13]
  4. Step 4 In Buddhism, doves symbolize peace and purity.
    Doves are often depicted near the Buddha in Buddhist art, representing compassion, kindness, and enlightenment. They’re also seen as signs of spiritual awakening.[14]
  5. Step 5 In ancient Greece and Rome, white doves were associated with love.
    Known as Aphrodite in Greece and Venus in Rome, the goddess of love was often depicted with doves surrounding her. As such, doves came to symbolize romantic love and fertility.[15]
    • Doves were also said to carry ambrosia, the favored drink of gods and goddesses, to Mount Olympus.[16]
  6. Step 6 In ancient Celtic culture, doves were considered spiritual messengers.
    Doves were seen as oracles, so their behaviors were often studied for insight into the future from the spiritual realm.[17] They were also used in healing rituals.[18]
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What does it mean if you see a white dove?

  1. Step 1 If a white dove visits you, it may be a sign of hope and new beginnings.
    Doves symbolize renewal and newfound optimism after a period of darkness. If you spot a white dove while you’re going through a difficult time, this is a powerful, positive omen. Beautiful new beginnings and rejuvenation are coming your way, so hang in there![19]
    • What to do: Prepare yourself for a fresh start. Start trying out new hobbies, exploring new interests, or setting new goals to make use of the renewing energy that’s coming to you.[20]
    • This also means letting go of things that are no longer serving you in order to make room for positive change. This can be scary at first, but it’s also totally worth it in the long run!
  2. Step 2 White doves can be signs of angelic protection and guidance.
    Due to the resemblance between white dove feathers and the feathers on angels’ wings, a dove visitation may be a sign from your guardian angels. If you encounter a white dove, your angels may be letting you know that they are near, and that you’re on the right path.[21]
    • What to do: Work on developing and following your intuition. The universe may be trying to communicate with you, and sharpening your intuitive powers will help you recognize its messages!
  3. Step 3 Seeing a white dove may be a reminder to be mindful and aware.
    If your life has been full of chaotic energy lately, a white dove sighting may be a message from the universe to pause and take a deep breath. White doves are often seen as reminders to focus on the present, increase your awareness, and live mindfully.[22]
    • What to do: Try out mindfulness techniques such as meditation or yoga to get more in-tune with your surroundings and your spiritual side.
    • Mindfulness can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression levels, boost your immune system, and improve sleep quality, so it's a beneficial practice to incorporate into your daily life![23]
  4. Step 4 A visitation from a white dove symbolizes comfort in times of grief.
    If you see a white dove while you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, it may be a message of comfort from them to let you know they are at peace.[24]
    • What to do: Be kind and patient with yourself as you mourn. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions, and don’t try to rush the grieving process. Healing takes time, but you will feel better eventually![25]
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What does it mean to dream of white doves?

  1. Dreams of white doves are usually positive omens.
    Depending on the type of dream you have, the dove may symbolize freedom, love, spiritual guidance, or peace. Here are some more details:
    • Dreaming of a white dove soaring through the sky indicates freedom and success. Release from an emotional or financial burden may come soon.[26]
    • If you dream of a white dove perched on a branch, you may be afraid to take a leap of faith in a situation. The dream might be a sign to let go of your fears and go for it![27]
    • A dream of a white dove sitting on your arm represents peace and reconciliation. If you’re in an argument with someone, it may be time to mend the relationship.[28]
    • If you dream of many white doves, this is usually a sign that you’re on the right path. Keep moving forward—good luck, prosperity, and inner peace are coming your way![29]

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