Are You an Earth Angel? 18 Signs + 8 Archetypes

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Exploring the types of earth angels and how to recognize them Do you feel like you've been put on this planet to help and guide others? Are you gentle, peaceful, sensitive, and loving? If so, you might just be an earth angel. But what...
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Do you feel like you’ve been put on this planet to help and guide others? Are you gentle, peaceful, sensitive, and loving? If so, you might just be an earth angel. But what exactly does that mean? We’re here to break it all down for you. From the definition of an earth angel, signs you are one, the different types, and how to make the most of your time here, we’ve created this modern guide to earth angels just for you.

Things You Should Know

  • Earth angels are selfless people who make it their mission to spread light, love, and positivity.
  • If you’re intuitive, wise, optimistic, imaginative, sensitive, and spiritual, you may be an earth angel.
  • Earth angels feel a deep connection to nature and animals, want the best for everyone, and know their purpose in life—to help and heal others.
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What is an earth angel?

  1. Many people believe that earth angels are spiritual beings in physical form.
    Earth angels themselves aren't born with the knowledge of what they are, though. Also called lightworkers, earth angels are here to bring positivity and peace to the world. They’re selfless people who want everyone to be joyful and live in harmony. Their mission is to spread love and light, and they tend to be optimistic, sensitive, gentle, caring, and compassionate.[1]
    • Some people refer to earth angels as “star seeds.”[2] Others believe that earth angels are spirit guides.[3] However, some say that spirit guides don't live in the physical realm and are spirits that support and assist you from the other side with your soul journey.[4]
    • There is no mention of earth angels in the Bible, which says that all angels are “ministering spirits” created by God (meaning they don’t have physical bodies).[5]
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Signs You Are an Earth Angel

  1. Step 1 You’re very intuitive.
    Earth angels have an innate understanding of both the people and the world around them. You likely have strong gut feelings that guide you in the right direction.[6]
    • Intuition may feel like a revelation in which you realize something or are struck with an idea. Or, it can be more like an innate sense of understanding people and reading between the lines.[7]
  2. Step 2 You’re wise.
    Have you been called an “old soul” more times than you can count? Earth angels are often wise beyond their years.[8]
  3. Step 3 You’re imaginative and creative.
    Do you spend lots of time daydreaming or doodling? Earth angels have big imaginations and tend to enjoy creative endeavors, from theatre to music composition.[9]
  4. Step 4 You’re optimistic.
    Do you see the silver lining in everything? Earth angels look on the bright side and think about the world and people around them in terms of possibility and potential.[10]
  5. Step 5 You’re a great listener.
    Do people feel comfortable opening up to you? Even those you don’t know well might seek you out to share their stories and personal experiences with you. Earth angels tend to listen more than they talk and make people feel heard and supported.[11]
  6. Step 6 You want the best for everyone.
    If you extend grace, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy to everyone you encounter, you could be an earth angel. They wish for everyone to be at peace and don’t hold grudges.[12]
  7. Step 7 You love animals and nature.
    Do you love walking through the forest or sitting by the sea? Do you take in every stray pet you come across? Earth angels tend to have an affinity and special connection with animals and the natural world.[13]
  8. Step 8 You’re spiritual.
    Many earth angels are drawn to the mystical, metaphysical, and philosophical.[14] You may believe in a higher power, even if you aren't sure what that higher power is, and feel that our lives have significance in the universe beyond our everyday existence.[15]
  9. Step 9 You know your purpose in life.
    Many earth angels have a strong sense of purpose and believe they’re here to help other people.[16] You might work in a service industry as a nurse or social worker, for example.
  10. Step 10 You enjoy being alone.
    Big crowds might make you anxious or overwhelmed. You probably appreciate smaller gatherings and need time to yourself to recharge.[17]
    • You likely enjoy your own company and doing things by yourself, from going to the movies to volunteering in your community.
  11. Step 11 You’re not competitive.
    Instead of seeing life as a race in which you compete, you’re probably more interested in living in harmony. If you aren’t one to compete against other people or enjoy competitive sports and activities, you could be an earth angel.[18]
  12. Step 12 You’re sensitive.
    If you pick up on other people’s energy and tend to take their remarks to heart, you might be an earth angel. You might even sacrifice your own happiness or well-being to please others.[19]
    • You might have strong emotional reactions to things that happen in the world around you, even if they don't directly affect you, especially if the events are sad.
  13. Step 13 You feel out of place.
    Earth angels often struggle to relate to other people, especially those with bad intentions. You might feel different from others or as though you don’t fit in.[20]
  14. Step 14 You’re not very organized.
    Do you have a tendency to forget about meetings or appointments? If you have trouble meeting your commitments and don’t have routines, you could be an earth angel.[21]
  15. Step 15 You struggle with relationships.
    Whether you don’t feel a connection to your blood relatives or always seem to choose the wrong romantic partner, you might have difficulty with personal relationships. Some earth angels seem to attract emotionally unstable or even abusive partners.[22]
  16. Step 16 You don’t like to commit.
    You might move around a lot or go from one job to the next. You may even avoid settling down with a romantic partner. Earth angels often feel untethered and change locations, jobs, or partners often.[23]
  17. Step 17 You might have a troubled past.
    Many earth angels faced adversity growing up. They’ve often dealt with childhood abuse, trauma, or illnesses, or had family members that struggled with addiction. It might be that pain you went through was for the purpose of preparing you to understand, support, and heal others.[24]
  18. Step 18 You don’t understand the modern world.
    Do you struggle to accept the “American dream,” why people put themselves in debt for things they don’t need, pollute the planet we live on, and go to war? Earth angels tend to reject modern ideals and want people to live in harmony with each other and the world.[25]
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Types of Earth Angels

  1. Step 1 Healer
    Healer earth angels serve others by helping them improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you’re a healer, you may work in the healthcare industry, but you don’t have to. You’re drawn to those who are suffering and your positive vibrations and white light help them heal.[26]
  2. Step 2 Listener
    Listener earth angels always provide a shoulder to lean on. You’re the one your friends come to when they need to vent or want advice. Your willingness to hear people out without judgment makes you a valued friend.[27]
  3. Step 3 Caregiver
    Caregiver or caretaker earth angels guide and help those who are struggling. Your compassion and support uplifts those around you as you nurture their well-being.[28]
  4. Step 4 Activist
    Activist earth angels fight against injustice. You stand up for what you believe in and work to achieve equal rights for all. You have strong ideals and want to make the world a better place.[29]
  5. Step 5 Creator
    Creator earth angels create beauty in the world and share it with others. You might be an artist who uplifts or motivates others with your creations, whether you’re a musician, sculptor, designer, or engineer. You raise the vibrations of those around you by showing them what is possible.[30]
  6. Step 6 Worker
    Worker earth angels are active and engaged. You’re always busy, moving from one task to the next. You’re likely to succeed at work, take care of tasks around the home, and volunteer in your community.[31]
  7. Step 7 Nature
    Nature earth angels are drawn to the environment. You may prefer to spend time outdoors or live in a rural area. You make it your mission to protect the natural world and treat it with respect and kindness. Your home is probably filled with plants and flowers.[32]
  8. Step 8 Fauna
    Fauna earth angels have a deep connection to animals. From dogs and cats to buffaloes and butterflies, you see the value in every creature. You hate to see animals being mistreated, and you might work as a veterinarian or volunteer at a local animal shelter.[33]
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Living as an Earth Angel

  1. Step 1 Use your creative gifts.
    Whether you love to paint, have a stellar singing voice, or are an excellent graphic designer, you’re sure to overflow with creativity. Let creativity be an outlet for your feelings and also a way to spread love and joy throughout the world.[34]
  2. Step 2 Take care of yourself.
    Set aside time to meditate, reflect, and pray.[35] Practicing self-care is important to restore your energy and stay in tune with your higher purpose.
    • Eat foods that nourish your body, make time for rest and sleep, and spend time in nature.
  3. Step 3 Develop supportive relationships.
    As an earth angel, you might find yourself giving more than you take. Build healthy relationships and spend time with people who make you feel good and reciprocate the love and affection you give to them.[36]
  4. Step 4 Set boundaries with others.
    As an earth angel, people may try to take advantage of you. While it’s a great and noble thing to want to help others, set clear boundaries to protect your own energy and well-being.[37]
    • For instance, you might ask your friends to avoid dropping by unannounced when you’re at home taking time to recharge, or turn off your phone when you need time for yourself.
  5. Step 5 Recognize that you can’t help everyone.
    Your giving nature means you have a tendency to drop everything to help someone in need. However, people must also put in the work to heal or change themselves, and you’re not responsible for other people’s choices. You won’t be able to save everyone, and that’s okay.[38]
  6. Step 6 Remember your purpose.
    It’s easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day and overwhelmed by all the bad things in the world. Don’t let society influence or change you. Remind yourself that you’re here to shine light and bring positivity to everyone around you.[39]
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  • The concept of an earth angel is not based on science and is, instead, a spiritual belief that many people hold.
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