How to Beat a Taller and Bigger Opponent in a Street Fight

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Let's face it - size does matter. So if you ever find yourself in an altercation with a larger opponent, it will be worth knowing how to employ the right offensive and defensive strategies to overcome their height and reach advantage....
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Let’s face it - size does matter. So if you ever find yourself in an altercation with a larger opponent, it will be worth knowing how to employ the right offensive and defensive strategies to overcome their height and reach advantage. Assuming you have no other option than to stand and slug it out, you’ll need to be able to wear them down with superior movement and well-placed attacks. This type of situation can be quite intimidating, but if you keep a cool head and make the right moves, you’re sure to come out on top.

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Protecting Yourself

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Overcoming the Size Difference

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Doing Damage of Your Own

  1. Step 3 Aim for sensitive targets.
    Unlike a boxing match, which has regulations about where you’re allowed to hit an opponent, all bets are off in a real fight. Target the most delicate areas of your attacker’s body to make every strike count. One well-placed blow is all you'll need to put your towering opponent out of commission. Most people won’t be expecting these types of attacks, so they’ll be left without a ready defense.
    • Everybody has the same anatomical weakness, despite size differences.
    • Strikes that target an opponent’s sensory organs will leave them temporarily stunned, enabling you to get away or follow up with a hard hit.
    • An open hand slap to the ear is just as good as a left hook for shattering an opponent’s equilibrium, if not better. Hitting the nose can blind them momentarily by causing their eyes to well up with tears, which gives you an opportunity to throw a fight-ending punch. A kick to the groin will compromise their mobility and instantly take the will to fight out of them.
  2. Step 4 Go for submissions on the ground.
    Let’s say you get taken down with your opponent on top of you, and you’re unable to climb to your feet. In this situation, scramble for a submission technique, a hold or lock that incapacitates an attacker by neutralizing a single part of the body. By applying a joint lock, armbar or choke, you may be able to do enough damage to put an end to the scuffle. No matter how big or tough someone is, they won’t be able to hurt you if they’re unconscious.[13]
    • Apply a rear naked choke or triangle choke, depending on your positioning. Chokes disrupt an opponent's circulation or ability to breathe, causing unconsciousness. It only takes a firm hold and a few moments to put an opponent to sleep.[14] [15]
    • Armbars are holds that apply pressure to the elbow joint or shoulder. They are effective against attackers who leave their arms extended momentarily after throwing a punch. As a bonus, disabling an arm means they can’t hit you anymore.[16]
  3. Step 5 Don’t be afraid to fight dirty.
    Forget about honor or fairness: there are no rules on the street. You don’t know how badly you might be injured if you come out on the losing end of a fight, so you shouldn’t be discouraged from being vicious. Bite, gouge eyes, pull hair, chop the throat, bend fingers back, knee the groin and do anything else you have to do to survive.
    • Turn objects around you, such as bottles, chairs, rocks, pens or even your cell phone into improvised weapons. In the best case scenario, the sight of you holding a weapon may be enough to make your attacker back down.
    • To avoid escalating the violence further, make a run for it as soon as you have your opponent reeling.
    Adrian Tandez

    Adrian Tandez

    Self Defense Trainer
    Adrian Tandez is the founder and head instructor of the Tandez Academy, a world-renowned self-defense training center in Mountain View, California. Trained under the renowned martial artist Dan Inosanto, Adrian is a certified instructor in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, and Silat, among other things. Adrian has over 27 years of self defense training experience.
    Adrian Tandez
    Adrian Tandez
    Self Defense Trainer

    Fighting dirty seems extreme, but can be the difference between life and death. In a real fight, you have to finish the fight as soon as possible—in fact, the established rule is to try to end the fight in 9 seconds or less. The odds of you surviving become worse every second that ticks by after that.

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  • Fights are unpredictable by nature. There is no guarantee that you will win, even with training and mental preparation.
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  • Violent encounters should always be avoided whenever possible. Only fight if you sense that an attack is imminent and you have no other choice.
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  • Should you sustain any injuries during the course of a fight, seek immediate medical attention.
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