How to Get a Free YMCA Membership as an Individual or Family

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Getting a YMCA gym membership is totally doable The YMCA (also known as "the Y") is an international organization with thousands of locations in the USA, where members can focus on fitness and community outreach. While most YMCAs have...
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The YMCA (also known as “the Y”) is an international organization with thousands of locations in the USA, where members can focus on fitness and community outreach. While most YMCAs have membership fees, many locations offer scholarships, deals, and other discounts for individuals and families who may need them. Think you qualify? We’ve got you covered. Read to learn more about the financial assistance many YMCAs have to offer, so you can be an active member at your nearest facility.

How do you get a YMCA membership for free?

Visit your local YMCA’s website and see what kinds of financial support your facility offers. Some YMCAs allow you to apply for a scholarship or pay at a reduced rate. Others may offer insurance- or Medicaid-based support. Certain YMCAs may provide special discounts and offers to seniors, too.

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How to Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Visit the “Financial Assistance” page on your local YMCA’s website.
    Nearly all YMCAs offer some type of financial assistance to members who need it, whether it’s an income-based membership rate or a scholarship. Check the “Membership” page of your closest YMCA’s website, or visit the facility in person and ask what their financial aid policy is.[1]
    • Not sure which YMCA is closest to you? Click/tap here to check.
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Insurance Provider Assistance

  1. See if your local YMCA offers free memberships to certain insurance providers.
    Visit your local YMCA’s website and search phrases like “insurance” or “insurance provider partnerships” on the site’s built-in search bar. Some facilities have pretty extensive partnerships with popular insurance providers (like Medicaid), which could save you money on a membership.[2]
    • Not all facilities partner with insurance companies—it depends on the individual location.
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Does my city’s YMCA offer free memberships?

YMCA Financial Assistance (by Location)
City Financial Assistance? Insurance Coverage?
Atlanta Yes Yes
Anaheim Yes -
Anchorage Yes -
Arlington Yes -
Baltimore Yes -
Boise Yes -
Boston Yes Yes
Buffalo Yes Yes
Charlotte Yes -
Chicago Yes -
Cincinnati Yes Possibly
Cleveland Yes Yes
Columbus Yes -
Dallas Yes Yes
Denver Yes Yes
Des Moines Yes Possibly
Detroit Yes Yes
El Paso Yes -
Fort Wayne Yes Possibly
Fort Worth Yes Yes
Gilbert Yes Yes
Greensboro Yes Yes
Henderson Yes Yes
Honolulu Yes Yes
Houston Yes Yes
Huntsville Yes -
Indianapolis Yes Yes
Irvine Yes -
Jacksonville Yes Yes
Kansas City Yes Yes
Las Vegas Yes Yes
Lincoln Yes No
Los Angeles Yes Yes
Louisville Yes Yes
Madison Yes Yes
Memphis Yes Yes
Milwaukee Yes Yes
Minneapolis Yes Yes
Nashville Yes Yes
New Orleans Yes -
NYC Yes -
Newark Yes Yes
Oakland Yes -
Oklahoma City Yes -
Omaha Yes Yes
Orlando Yes Yes
Philadelphia Yes Yes
Phoenix Yes Yes
Pittsburgh Yes -
Plano Yes -
Portland Yes -
Raleigh Yes Yes
Sacramento Yes Yes
Salt Lake City Yes -
San Antonio Yes -
San Diego Yes Yes
San Francisco Yes Yes
San Jose Yes Yes
Seattle Yes Yes
St. Louis Yes -
Stockton Yes -
Tampa Yes -
Toledo Yes Yes
Tulsa Yes -
Virginia Beach Yes Yes
Washington D.C. Yes -
Wichita Yes -
  • The “-” means that insurance coverage options couldn’t be immediately found on the website. Consult with your local YMCA to confirm what types of financial assistance are/aren’t available.
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YMCA Membership Discounts

  1. Step 1 Free trials
    Many YMCA facilities offer free trials/passes that allow you to use the YMCA for 1 week. Check your local YMCA’s website and visit the “Membership” tab (if applicable) to see if your facility offers something like this.
    • You can also check with your YMCA in person and see if they have a free trial for prospective members.
  2. 2
    Senior discounts Many YMCA locations offer special discounts and programs exclusively for seniors. Visit your local YMCA website and head to the “Programs” section to see what the facility has to offer, or manually search the word “senior” using the site’s built-in search feature (if possible).[3]
    • Some facilities may participate in Silver&Fit and/or Renew Active, which are insurance-based programs geared toward seniors.
  3. 3
    Referral programs Some YMCAs have a referral program, which allows you to earn a discounted membership for every successful referral you make to your facility. The YMCA may offer perks to the person you refer, too![4]
  4. 4
    Military discounts Many YMCAs offer special discounts and membership rates to members of the military. Visit your local YMCA’s website and scan the membership page (or search the word “military” on the site) to see what’s available.
    • For example, at the YMCA of the Inland Northwest, veterans and active military members can get special YMCA memberships.[5]
  5. 5
    Corporate memberships Lots of YMCA locations offer corporate memberships to interested workplaces. Search for the YMCA facility that’s closest to your workplace; then, visit their website and check the “Membership” page to see what types of memberships they offer.
    • If corporate memberships are available, chat with a manager or HR rep at your workplace to see if your company could potentially get one.
  6. Step 6 Unemployment discounts
    If your past employer recently laid you off, some YMCAs may offer free/discounted membership in the interim. For instance, the Wichita YMCA gives recently laid-off individuals free membership for 3 months.[6]
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