How to Get Tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live

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The Jimmy Kimmel Live show is an entertainment and variety program with a huge fanbase. If you're near the Los Angeles area and want to attend a taping, requesting free tickets is as easy as applying online. Make sure to reserve your...
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The Jimmy Kimmel Live show is an entertainment and variety program with a huge fanbase. If you're near the Los Angeles area and want to attend a taping, requesting free tickets is as easy as applying online. Make sure to reserve your tickets several weeks in advance to keep the process as simple as possible. Once you've got your tickets, dress appropriately and plan to arrive on time for the best live taping experience.

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Booking Tickets Online

  1. Step 1 Register with 1iota to submit a ticket request.
    General tickets for Jimmy Kimmel Live can be requested through the official 1iota website. To apply for tickets, make an account with 1iota using your email, Facebook, or Twitter account:
    • To avoid scams, do not try to book tickets anywhere other than the 1iota website. If a website claims to sell tickets for a fee or price, it is not trustworthy.
    • You can also access the 1iota website by typing "" into the address bar, which redirects to the official page.
  2. Step 2 Select a date for your tickets.
    When you reach the 1iota page for Jimmy Kimmel Live, it should show a list of upcoming dates and whether the date is open or full. Find an open date that works with your schedule and click on it to request tickets.[1]
  3. Step 3 Request the number of tickets you want.
    Depending on how many tickets or left, you can reserve between 2-4 tickets per household for a Jimmy Kimmel live show. Under the quantity tab, click on the "tickets" bar and choose the number of tickets you need.
  4. Step 4 Fill out the "additional information" section before submitting your application.
    The additional information box includes questions that help show why you deserve to go to Jimmy Kimmel Live so that the most passionate fans have a chance to see it. Write a few sentences about why you're a Kimmel fan, then answer each of the following questions carefully:[2]
    • Have you attended a Jimmy Kimmel Live show before?
    • What's your favorite comedy bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live?
    • Which of Jimmy's cousins loves pranks?
  5. Step 5 Wait 1-2 weeks for a verification email.
    Requesting tickets on 1iota doesn't automatically secure them. The audience is chosen fairly so that as many lifelong fans who have never seen the show before can attend. If your request was accepted, you should receive an email within 2 weeks.
  6. Step 6 Contact 1iota if you haven't heard back after 14 days.
    If you have not gotten an email after 2 weeks, try contacting 1iota support to make sure your request went through. Include your name, email, and the date of your Jimmy Kimmel Live tickets so that the customer support team can easily locate your ticket request.
    • You can contact 1iota's support team at:
  7. Step 7 Wait in the standby line on the day of the taping if you are unable to secure tickets.
    If your ticket request doesn't go through or if the showing you want is sold out, you can always wait in the standby line at the taping. The standby line begins 90 minutes before the show starts. After all ticket holders have been admitted, additional spaces can be filled by people in the standby line.[3]
    • If the taping reaches capacity before you reach the front of the line, the line attendants will let you know so you don't have to wait more than needed.
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Preparing for the Live Show

  1. Step 1 Dress business casual...
    Dress business casual to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show taping. The dress code for Jimmy Kimmel Live is defined as business casual, or comfortable but dressy. If you would wear an outfit while going out to eat, it is probably formal enough to wear.
    • Dress jeans are considered appropriate to wear, but solid white shirts, baseball hats, elaborate patterns, and large logos are banned from the taping room.
    • If a ticket holder is deemed inappropriately dressed, they will not be allowed to attend the screening.
  2. Step 2 Bring a valid government or state-issued ID to the taping.
    Because the age minimum is 18 years old, an official ID with a visible date of birth is required to attend the screening. If you have a driver's license or permit, passport, or military identification card, make a mental note to bring it with you.[4]
  3. Step 3 Contact Jimmy Kimmel Live in advance if you need special accommodations.
    Because of safety constraints, handicap accessibility is limited per taping. Email 1iota ( if you meet any of the following qualifications:[5]
    • You use a wheelchair
    • You are hard of hearing
    • You need assistance while using the stars
  4. Step 4 Plan on attending the taping for at least 3 hours.
    Jimmy Kimmel Live tapings tend to last between 3-3 1/2 hours. Although the show itself takes between 1 and 2 hours to record, checking-in takes time. If you do not have 3-4 hours in your schedule to spend at the taping, you may want to reschedule or cancel your tickets.[6]
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Attending Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. Step 1 Arrive 30-40 minutes to secure your tickets.
    Plan to arrive 30-40 minutes before the call time listed on your tickets to allow for check-ins. If you do not arrive at least 30 minutes early to the taping, your tickets may be forfeited to someone in the standby line.
    • For the best seats, plan on arriving at least 40-60 minutes early.
    • Ticket seating is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier that you arrive, the better seats you will have.
  2. Step 2 Park your car in the Hollywood & Highland Complex.
    This complex is reserved for Jimmy Kimmel Live ticket holders. If you park your car here, the Jimmy Kimmel Live attendants will validate your parking ticket at the end of the show for a maximum of 4 hours.[7]
    • The Jimmy Kimmel Live show does not validate for any other parking complexes.
  3. Step 3 Check in with the attendees when you reach the studio.
    Before you can take your seats at the taping, you will need to go through a quick security check. Because some items are restricted from the recording studio, you may need to leave some items with the security attendees. Any items you leave with the attendees can be picked up after the recording has finished.[8]
    • Cameras, backpacks, shopping bags, recording devices, sharp objects, and books are not allowed in the studio.
  4. Step 4 Use the restroom and eat before entering the studio.
    No food and drink are allowed in the studio while Jimmy Kimmel Live is being taped. Likewise, guests will not be allowed to leave the studio and use the restroom until the show is over. Before you check in, take a bathroom or snack break to make sure you can last the entire taping.[9]
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  • Jimmy Kimmel Life retains the right to refuse any guests who are under the influence, a threat, or otherwise unfit to attend the taping.[10]
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  • All Jimmy Kimmel Live tickets are free of charge. Do not request tickets from any website that sells the tickets for money.[11]
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