How to Match Clothes With White Pants

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White pants are classic, crisp, and versatile.
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White pants are classic, crisp, and versatile.[1] They're a cool summer staple, although you can find heavier fabrics that are perfect for a chic wintertime look as well. Whether you're trying to keep it casual or you'd prefer to dress to impress, white pants are the perfect neutral backdrop for almost any style.

Method 1
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Styling a Casual Look

  1. Step 1 Go simple with solid-colored T-shirt and a pair of relaxed white pants.
    If you have white jeans, cargo pants, capris, or any other casual white pants, try wearing them with a plain T-shirt in any solid color, although you can wear printed or stripes tees as well. You can even wear a graphic tee if that's more your style.[2]
    • Wear a fitted black T-shirt for a chic, bold look, or opt for a pop of color if you'd prefer to stand out.
    • Keep this look ultra-casual by pairing it with your favorite white sneakers, or toss on a pair of heels or dress shoes to look a little more put-together.[3]
    • If the weather is a little cool, try wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt with your white pants!
  2. Step 2 Wear a chambray shirt and white jeans for a denim-on-denim look.
    If you love the casual lived-in look of chambray but you're having trouble finding the right pants, try a pair of white jeans. You can wear your denim shirt tucked in or untucked, and you can dress the outfit up or down depending on your shoes and accessories.[4]
    • For instance, if your style is feminine, you might wear your hair loose and wavy, and you might accessorize with a pair of copper-toned jeweled sandals, a pastel belt, and a pendant necklace.
    • If you have a more masculine style, you might wear your shirt tucked in with a leather belt and a pair of camel-colored chukka boots.
  3. Step 3 Cover up your swimsuit with white linen pants.
    If you're wearing a one-piece or a bikini at the beach or pool, white linen pants are the perfect breezy way to cover up if you want to grab lunch or do a little shopping. Simply toss on a pair of sandals if your style is a little more daring, or add a lightweight button-up top if you'd prefer more coverage.[5]
    • Keep in mind that if you're wearing a brightly-colored swimsuit, it may be visible under the pants.
    • Even if you're not swimming, you can recreate this look by wearing white linen pants with a cropped halter top, oversized sunglasses, and straw wedges.
  4. Step 4 Try a nautical look with a striped shirt and white pants.
    If you really want to channel a sailor, try wearing a navy-and-white boatneck top in horizontal stripes with a pair of wide-legged white trousers. However, if you'd prefer a more subtle nod, you can opt for vertical stripes, choose different colors on top, or change up the cut of the top and pants.
    • For instance, you could wear a light blue-button down with vertical white stripes, white skinny jeans, and white espadrilles for a look that's seashore-inspired without seeming too literal.
  5. Step 5 Layer multiple white pieces for a cool monochrome outfit.
    [6] White pants are the perfect start for a chic all-white look. Play with different fabrics and textures to add visual interest to your outfit.[7]
    • For instance, you could wear ripped white cargo pants with a white T-shirt, white denim jacket, and all-white high-top sneakers for a street-style inspired monochrome look.
    • Consider adding a brightly-colored shoe for a fun pop of color.
  6. Step 6 Toss on a leather or denim jacket to stay warm in cool weather.
    Although white pants can sometimes look a little dressy, leather and denim jackets are the perfect way to keep your outfit casual when the weather starts to turn a little cool. Layer your jacket over a graphic tee if you want to be super casual, or toss on a button-down for a dressy-casual look.[8]
    • Wear a pair of canvas basketball shoes or low-heeled sneakers in white or a bright, cheerful color to make this outfit even more effortless.
  7. Step 7 Wear a cozy, slim-fitting sweater with wide-legged white pants in winter.
    These days, there's no reason to stop wearing white after Labor Day. When it's really cold outside, slip into your favorite snug sweater and a pair of comfy wide-legged pants for a winter-white look you can wear almost anywhere.[9]
    • Finish this look with a pair of ankle boots in your favorite color to stay warm and stylish.
    • You can also wear an oversized sweater with skinny-leg white trousers, if you prefer. Just avoid wearing baggy pieces on the top and bottom.
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Method 2
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Dressing up White Pants

  1. Step 1 Pair a flowy top with white skinny jeans for a feminine summertime look.
    If you want a romantic outfit perfect for a summer lunch date, choose a flowy blouse, white skinny jeans, and tan-colored wedge heels or loafers. Keep your accessories simple, like a pretty tennis bracelet or a pendant on a thin chain.[10]
    • Chiffon, jersey, seersucker, cotton, and linen are all perfect fabrics for staying cool on a hot day.[11]
  2. Step 2 Wear a halter or tank with sleek white trousers for an elegant night out.
    If you're looking for a feminine look that's perfect for a night on the town, try wearing a pair of white trousers with a dressy halter top. Then, you can add a long vest or a blazer to cover up in case you get cool.[12]
    • For instance, you might wear a gold sequinned halter with a long white duster and strappy gold heels for a glam girl's night.
    • You could also wear a black tank top, black blazer, and black heels with your white pants for a chic, bold look.
  3. Step 3 Opt for a colorful top with your white pants for a daytime look.
    If you're going to a weekend get-together where you need to dress up, like having brunch with friends, wear a brightly-colored blouse or button-down with a pair of straight-legged white pants. Try a pattern, such as polka dots or floral print, for even more style.[13] Then, slip on a pair of neutral loafers or mules for an effortlessly cool outfit you can wear anywhere.[14]
    • For example, you could wear a salmon-colored button-down over a white crew-neck tee with white trousers and a pair of dark brown boat shoes or loafers.
    • Try an off-the-shoulder chambray top, white skinny jeans, and tan mules for an on-trend take on this look.
  4. Step 4 Toss on a blazer with white trousers for an easy work look.
    If you have a pair of work-appropriate white pants, you can wear a light-colored button-down and a structured blazer to create an outfit that's put-together and professional. Complete the look with tasteful accessories and dress shoes.[15]
    • Switch to a casual button-down, a lacy camisole, or a graphic tee if you're going for drinks after work.
  5. Step 5 Wear a warm white top and white wool pants for a dressy winter outfit.
    For a winter-white take on the monochrome look, start with a pair of cozy white wool pants, then add a white sweater or another weather-appropriate white top. Then, you can add a white scarf, shoes, and accessories for a look that will look as stylish as it is warm.
    • To add a little contrast, accessorize with gold jewelry, or add pops of a bold color like red or yellow.
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Method 3
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Accessorizing Your Look

  1. Step 1 Stick with white dress socks for a subtle look.
    If you're wearing shoes that require socks, it's typically a good idea to match your socks to your pants. Unless your outfit is extremely sporty, try to find a thin pair of white dress socks, as thick cotton gym socks can look too casual with dress pants.[16]
    • For instance, if you're wearing white jeans with a white sweatshirt and white high-tops, a pair of white gym socks would probably look fine. If you're wearing white trousers with a navy suit coat and brown shoes, a white suit coat would look out of place.
    • If you're wearing sandals or heels, you typically don't need to wear socks at all.
  2. Step 2 Opt for bold socks if you want to add a pop of color.
    If you're not afraid to make a statement, socks in a fun color or pattern will really stand out against the hem of your white pants. Try matching them to another color in your outfit, or use them to add a pop of color to an otherwise sedate look.[17]
    • For instance, if you're wearing all black with your white pants, a pair of grey, black, and pink argyle socks will add a playful touch.
    • If you're wearing a blue and red plaid shirt, you might wear socks that are the same color of blue or red in your shirt.
  3. Step 3 Match your belt to the rest of your outfit.
    When you're choosing a belt, you can go with all-white to match your pants, or you can choose a color that reflects the rest of your outfit. Typically, it's a good idea to wear a belt that complements the color of your shoes, purse, or other accessories. However, if you prefer, you can choose a belt in a bright color to add a new color to your look.[18]
    • For instance, if you're wearing brown shoes, you may want to wear a brown belt. On the other hand, you might wear a yellow belt, which will complement your shoes while adding an unexpected pop to your outfit.
    • Of course, you don't have to wear a belt at all if you don't want to.
  4. Step 4 Wear nude underwear so they won't show under your pants.
    Try to find underwear that is as close to your natural skin color as possible. White underwear can create a very visible contrast against your skin. It's also a good idea to look for high-cut, thong, or seamless styles to avoid visible underwear lines.
    • If you're having trouble finding underwear that's similar to your skin color, try dyeing a pair yourself with coffee, tea, or commercial dye.
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