How to Look & Act Like the Goddess You Are

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Embrace your divine feminine power to reveal the goddess withinGoddesses, in many stories and religions, are women with remarkable beauty who represent ideals such as grace, peace, and charm. But goddesses aren't just for stories—you too...
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Goddesses, in many stories and religions, are women with remarkable beauty who represent ideals such as grace, peace, and charm. But goddesses aren’t just for stories—you too can be a goddess by embracing your innate feminine power. We’ll walk you through how to become a goddess by finding inner peace, leading an authentic and honest life, and empowering yourself.

Things You Should Know

  • Embrace the Divine Feminine within by celebrating your innate strengths, including love, compassion, creativity, and intuition.
  • Stand up for yourself and prioritize your own wants and needs. Take time for yourself each day to meditate and pamper yourself.
  • To look like a goddess, wear simple clothes made of natural fibers and makeup that embraces your natural beauty.
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Finding Your Inner Goddess

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    Embrace the power of femininity. For many, masculinity is a symbol of absolute power and too often, femininity is seen as a form of weakness or a subordinate status. But this is entirely false: the Divine Feminine power within you boasts many unique strengths. Celebrate them!
    • The Divine Feminine: Many believe becoming a goddess means awakening the Divine Feminine or following the feminine principles of being nurturing, loving, and compassionate, and of insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.
    • Realize how essential these qualities are to the sustenance of the natural world and of human civilization. It is through these traditionally feminine strengths that humankind is loved, nourished, and healed.
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    Create a safe space for yourself where you can relax and feel comfortable. Every goddess needs a haven where she can be alone and at peace once in a while. Build or designate a private space where you can disconnect from the busyness and demands of your social life. Fill your safe space with items that symbolize the goddess you want to be, such as a picture or an object that represents your goddess or relaxing items to help you unwind.[1]
    • This space can be a cozy room, a reading nook, or a quiet corner.
    • Relaxing items like candles, incense, a water fountain, plants and flowers, or spiritual crystals and stones will help personalize your space and make it more inviting and calming.
    • Use your haven as a space to journal, pray, or daydream. Do things that relax you and allow you to reflect and nurture yourself.
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    Adopt a mindset of self-love. If you’re going to be a goddess, you have to recognize that you’re worthy of the honor. Practice listening to and accepting your own feelings and emotions to become more at peace with yourself and be more confident in who you are.
    • Acknowledge how often you do things for other people instead of yourself. When was the last time you spoke your mind or did something nice just for you?
    • Realize that being kind to yourself isn’t selfish or vain. To deny your feelings and desires is to take for granted the Divine Feminine that lies within you. She mustn’t be contained.
    • Practice letting go of the things you can’t change. Instead, accept them for what they are.
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    Meditate to clear your mind and connect to your inner goddess. Meditation offers many psychological and physiological benefits. The purpose of meditation is to clear your head of distractions and give you more control over your own mind and body. It can lower stress levels, decrease your heart rate, build self-confidence, and increase creativity. Many women meditate as a way of connecting to their inner goddess.
    • Try a simple breathing meditation to start. Sit cross-legged or in a comfortable position. Close your eyes halfway and focus exclusively on the natural way you breathe.
    • Resist the temptation to follow the many different thoughts that may enter your mind. Instead, focus all of your attention on the sensation of breathing.
    • Try yoga as an alternate form of meditation. Yoga borrows many principles from meditation and is great for your physical and mental health.
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    Connect with Mother Nature to remind yourself where you come from. If you’re like many women, you spend a lot of your time inside a building, divided from nature. It’s important to remind yourself where you came from and experience the beauty of nature in order to find your inner goddess.
    • Walk bare feet through nature and feel the way your feet steadies and grounds you to the earth.
    • Do activities outside like biking, swimming, or hiking to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of nature.
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    Take care of your body by eating healthy, exercising, and pampering yourself. Your body deserves to be treated with self-care practices that honor your physical and mental health. Dedicate time each day to moving your body, nourishing it with healthful foods and water, and pampering yourself.
    • Take an Epsom salt bath or milk bath while listening to soothing music and surrounded by sweet smelling candles. This will relax your mind but also soften and improve your skin.
    • Take mental health days where you spend time by yourself doing relaxing or uplifting activities.
    • Cut down on junk food and have a well-balanced diet.
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    Get comfortable in your own skin. A goddess does not exist for the male gaze. Let your body be fully natural for a while and embrace it. Do what's truly comfortable for you and admire the self-sustaining ecosystem that you are.
    • If you’re comfortable with it, go without shaving for a while. Hair is not unhygienic; in fact, it serves to protect your body from all sorts of harmful bacteria.
    • Go without makeup once in a while. Makeup is fun, but it's also important that you feel comfortable without it. Not only are you giving your skin a break, you also get the chance to appreciate your natural visage.
    • Don't put on deodorant if you're not going out. Sweating is good for you; clogging your pores with antiperspirant is not.
    • Get naked! Spend time in the privacy of your own home or bedroom simply being nude and appreciating your body. The human form is beautiful, in all of its many shapes, sizes, and colors. Appreciate every vein and every scar; your body has gone through so much and survived. It's working so hard to let you experience the world, so give it some love!
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Part 2
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Looking Like a Goddess

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    Wear flattering yet simple clothes to look like a goddess. Popular representations of goddesses depict women wearing flattering, yet modest, clothes with a bit of romantic flair to them. Goddesses come in many forms, and this simple, natural attire is easily customized to reflect your own unique style as you wish.
    • Wear simple clothes you like, and ensure they're tailored to your body type to accentuate your best features.
    • Try pastel and earth toned garments.
    • Wear natural fiber fabrics like leather or silk.
    • Add accessories that reflect your unique personality, such as jewelry or hair clips.
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    Wear different goddess-inspired hairstyles. Wear your hair in a loose, high braid or wear a laurel wreath or tiara (a great goddess look for those with short hair). Regardless of how you style your hair, keep it looking natural and healthy by using special hair products or natural home remedies.[2]
    • To grow thicker hair: Stimulate your hair follicles by massaging slightly heated coconut oil into your scalp and wrap a hot damp towel around your hair to increase the oil’s effectiveness.
    • To remedy limp or flat hair: Believe it or not, you can volumize your hair by spritzing beer onto your hair with a spray bottle. Beer helps strengthen fine hair and create structure.[3]
    • To fix frizzy hair: Avocados alone or combined with other ingredients like bananas, egg yolks, mayonnaise, or sour cream are a great way to moisturize dry or frizzy hair. Mix one avocado (or equal parts of another moisturizing ingredient) with olive oil, honey, and coconut milk, then massage it into your hair. Let it sit for 20-45 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.[4]
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    Wear natural-looking makeup. You don’t have to wear any makeup to be a goddess. But if you do, consider wearing makeup that enhances your natural beauty and further highlights your connection to the natural world.[5]
    • Skin: Conceal any blemishes and dark circles using a lightweight concealer. Avoid putting on too much or caking on foundation.
    • Cheeks: Use a blush color in a warm peach or pink color to give yourself a subtle and natural flush.
    • Eyes: Choose an eyeshadow palette that accentuates your eyes. Try a color slightly darker than your skin to create natural contours around your eyes. Avoid hard edges by blending in your eyeshadow.
    • Eyelashes: Use natural looking lash extensions to enhance your look. Put on 1-2 coats of mascara but avoid putting on too many coats or you’ll get a spidery lash effect.
    • Lips: Plump up your lips with a color that matches your natural lip color or try a gloss to create a kissable shine.
  4. Become a Goddess Step 11.jpeg
    Keep up a healthy beauty regime. Makeup can give you a fresh goddess look, but it’s important to maintain healthy skin with a daily skincare routine. Find a beauty routine that is easy to maintain everyday.
    • There are a lot of expensive skincare products on the market, but dermatologists say you don’t need to shell out a lot of money for quality products.
      • For your morning routine, use a non-medicated cleanser; antioxidant cream, serum, or oil; and sunscreen with at least SPF 30.[6]
      • For your evening routine, use makeup remover (if you wear makeup); that same gentle cleanser you used in the morning; and night cream.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals that might damage your body, skin, or hair.[7]
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Part 3
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Living Like a Goddess

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    Practice standing up for yourself, even when it's hard. As a woman, you may have been taught to keep quiet, be polite, and be accommodating. This can lead to missed opportunities and misunderstandings, as well as anger, anxiety, and depression. Being a goddess means standing firm in what you believe and living authentically.
    • Do what you want to do. Don’t feel guilty or obligated to do things that go against your values, needs, or sense of self.
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    Be a leader by inspiring others. Bring people together and towards a higher good. Show them you care and lead by example. A goddess has everyone’s best interests at heart.
    • Be approachable and friendly by having a smile for everyone and showing you care, especially when no one else will.
    • Practice compassion, even when someone doesn’t deserve it.
    • Be understanding and approach misunderstandings with positivity and objectivity.
    • Give opportunities and resources to others when they need it.
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    Trust in your inner goddess. You may not always feel like a goddess, but it’s during those times that you need to believe in yourself the most. Sometimes trusting your inner goddess might mean surrendering to the things you have no control over and trusting that the best outcome will unfold for you in some way or another.
    • Be grateful for what you already have in life. Don’t take anything for granted.
    • Live every day as a gift. Take chances and explore new opportunities.
    • Have faith in your self-worth and in your abilities to accomplish your goals.
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