How to Save Yourself

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Escaping the deep grooves of a life rut requires willpower, planning, and resolve. You can save yourself. Learning to identify the bad situations and behaviors that keep you feeling low is the first step in a significant transformation...
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Escaping the deep grooves of a life rut requires willpower, planning, and resolve. You can save yourself. Learning to identify the bad situations and behaviors that keep you feeling low is the first step in a significant transformation that can and will help you out. You can learn to save yourself and change your condition for the better.

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Saving Yourself From a Bad Situation

  1. Step 1 Identify the circumstances that need to change.
    A bad situation can be hard to stomach, even if you're not quite sure what's wrong. If something just doesn't feel right, start interrogating yourself and getting specific about your condition and your circumstances. What's "off" about your life? What needs to be changed? Ask yourself the following questions to try to start narrowing down signs that you might be in a bad situation you need to be saved from.
    • Are you worried about your safety? Are you consistently stressed out about basic concerns, like where your next meal will be coming from, whether or not you'll make it through the day? If you're in a violent or dangerous situation, you might need to take drastic steps to change your life.
    • Are you in a fulfilling relationship? Are you with someone that supports you and makes you feel good about yourself? try to figure out if your romantic life might be the cause of your problems. There's better out there.
    • Are you happy at your job? Do you like your boss and coworkers? Do you spend more time having fun, or stressing about work? try to figure out if your job might be the problem in your life.
  2. Step 4 Consider a change of attitude.
    Every teenager who ever lived, Paris and Pittsburgh, has wanted nothing more than to escape to the glitter and the glamour that exists somewhere else. Everyone who works a job, great or dead-end, has an afternoon that never ends, a week from hell, an epic chewing-out from the boss. Learning to differentiate between a circumstance that needs to change and a need for a change in attitude is a big step in growing as a person, becoming more mature, and learning to save yourself.[1] Imagine the source of your problems is gone from your life forever. How would your life be different? Would it? If so, make the change. If not, fix yourself.[2]
    • If you've got the moving itch, make sure place is really the source of your problems. Is your town really as bad as you make it out? Would everything really be fixed if you moved to wherever? Or is the problem actually elsewhere? Don't outrun your problems, lest they pack their own bags to meet you there.
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Method 2
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Saving Yourself From Yourself

  1. Step 1 Identify your self-destructive tendencies.
    If you're your own worst enemy, it's time to start getting real. How do you manage to keep getting in your own way? Before you start coming up with a plan to save yourself, it's important to get a real sense of what it is that needs to change.[4]
    • Do you struggle with apathy? Does a Saturday afternoon full of promise turn into a YouTube spiral, an Xbox session, and a nap? Maybe you need to get motivated.
    • Do you struggle with addiction? If a substance or activity has a grip on your life, you don't have to live with it or face it alone. Start dealing with your addiction and take control of your own life.
    • Do you struggle with low self-esteem? You should be able to rely on yourself, not have to fear your self, critique yourself, and drag yourself down. If you have trouble being positive, your self-esteem might need to be addressed.
    • Do you take too many risks that don't pan out? If you're a gambler, someone who gets a thrill from the possibility of danger, of consequence, or of failure, it's likely you'll come up short more often than not. While there's nothing wrong with a little thrill in your life, if you're taking dangerous risks that are affecting your safety, you might need to take steps to save yourself from it.
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Method 3
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Saving Your Soul

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  • If you're struggling in an abusive relationship, you need to get help immediately. Act now and save yourself.
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