What Does Seeing a Squirrel Mean Spiritually? 5 Interpretations

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Discover the spiritual significance of this playful creature The cute and cuddly squirrel has been a symbol of resourcefulness for many cultures throughout history. Seeing a squirrel in your waking life may be a sign to stay positive and...
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The cute and cuddly squirrel has been a symbol of resourcefulness for many cultures throughout history. Seeing a squirrel in your waking life may be a sign to stay positive and resilient, but it can also serve as a spiritual guide to help you become more productive and successful. In this article, we explore the many different interpretations of squirrel encounters and dreams, including what they symbolize and how they might bring meaning to your life.

Things You Should Know

  • Spiritually, squirrels are symbols of resourcefulness, adaptability, playfulness, and organization.
  • Dreaming of a squirrel may be a sign to take on more responsibilities or adopt a positive thinking mindset.
  • If you see a squirrel in person, stay positive and don’t give up on your dreams. Set goals, work hard, and practice gratitude to boost your well-being.
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Spiritual Meanings of Squirrels

  1. Step 1 Resourcefulness
    During the fall, squirrels bury nuts far and wide to prepare for food shortages in the winter months.[1] Their hardworking nature may symbolize the need to be resourceful in everyday life, making the most of the things that are readily available to you.
  2. Step 2 Adaptability
    Nesting in tree trunks, homes, and urban areas, squirrels can live anywhere that’s dry, safe, and sheltered. They can modify their behavior according to human activity, allowing them to thrive in major cities and adapt to almost any type of environment.[2] Their flexibility may represent the need to accept change and be open to new possibilities.
  3. Step 3 Playfulness
    Young squirrels are known to chase each other for fun, which can help them improve their coordination, strength, and overall survival skills.[3] Their lighthearted personality could be a reminder to embrace your inner child and not take life too seriously—by having fun, you’ll be able to inject spontaneity into your routine and enjoy every moment.
  4. Step 4 Organization
    As soon as the weather turns cool, squirrels store nuts and seeds for the wintertime, making them incredibly perceptive and responsible creatures. They’re in tune with the changing of the seasons and understand the importance of preparation, and this could be encouragement to organize your life and take things one step at a time.
  5. Step 5 Fertility
    In some cultures, squirrels are believed to represent fertility because they can produce hundreds of babies in one lifetime. A female squirrel can birth up to 8 babies per litter and have 2 litters per year.[4] So, if you feel a strong connection to this cuddly creature, it could be an omen of an upcoming pregnancy or a sign to start trying for a baby.
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In Dreams

  1. Dreaming of a squirrel may be a sign to be more positive or responsible.
    Generally, squirrel dreams can help you understand your hidden thoughts and emotions in waking life, plus symbolize parts of yourself that you wish to change. Dream meanings depend on the specific details of your dream, but dreaming of a squirrel usually asks you to take on more responsibilities and think positively:[5]
    • If you dream of chasing a squirrel, it could mean you’re running after an unrealistic goal.
    • If you dream of a baby squirrel, it could mean you’re very energetic and charismatic.
    • If you dream of a flying squirrel, it could mean you’ll experience financial problems soon.
    • If you dream of a dead squirrel, it could mean you’re overspending your hard-earned money.
    • If you dream of a squirrel in a tree, it could mean good things are coming and you can expect to be successful.
    • If you dream of a caged squirrel, it could mean you’re in a healthy and stable relationship with someone.
    • If you dream of a squirrel biting you, it could mean something unpleasant might happen to you or your family.
    • If you dream of a sick squirrel, it could mean you’re growing spiritually and exploring different parts of life.
    • If you dream of a gray squirrel, it could mean you’re a family-oriented person.
    • If you dream of a white squirrel, it could mean an unexpected surprise is heading your way.
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In Native American Culture

  1. In Native American folklore, squirrels are often considered tricksters.
    They’re known for their noisy and aggressive behavior, and many stories feature squirrel characters that spread gossip, instigate trouble between other animals, or annoy people with their rudeness and bossiness.[6]
    • In some stories, squirrels are praised for their resourcefulness and courage, and many southeastern tribes view them as caretakers of the forest.
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In Folklore

  1. Step 1 Norse mythology
    According to legend, Ratatoskr, a red squirrel who has the ability to run up and down the world tree Yggdrasil, carries messages to the eagle and the serpent. He serves as a messenger between the spirit worlds, highlighting the squirrel’s ability to communicate and adapt.[7]
  2. Step 2 Celtic culture
    The squirrel is linked to the warrior goddess Queen Medb, who is often depicted with a bird and a squirrel on her shoulder—representing the earth and sky.[8] Due to this, the squirrel symbolizes persistence, abundance, and preparation.
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What does it mean to see a squirrel in person?

  1. Step 1 If a squirrel crosses your path, stay positive and don’t give up.
    A squirrel encounter could be a reminder to keep pushing forward, even if things are going according to plan. Set goals, work hard, and believe in yourself, and good things will be heading your way.[9]
    • During tough times, practice gratitude to improve your well-being. Reflect on your life, make a list of things you’re grateful for, and repeat them out loud anytime you need some reassurance.
  2. Step 2 If you accidentally run over a squirrel, focus on your spirituality.
    It’s fairly common to run over a squirrel when you’re driving, but it could also be a sign to reevaluate your life choices and seek enlightenment. Prioritize your spiritual growth over everything else, and look for ways to increase your mindfulness and engage with your faith..[10]
    • To grow spiritually, pray, meditate, attend religious services, explore nature, and volunteer in your community.
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Squirrels as Totem Animals

  1. If the squirrel is your Totem animal, you’re playful and adaptable.
    You’ve mastered the balance between work and play, and can find ways to relax even during the most stressful times. With that being said, you sometimes take on more than you can chew, so be sure to plan out your schedule strategically so you don’t spread yourself too thin.
    • To organize your time efficiently, break down large tasks into smaller ones, and prioritize your tasks in order of importance. Track when you’re most productive during the work day, and try to hit the majority of your to-do list during that time period.

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