How to Soul Connect with Someone

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If you want an intense spiritual experience, you may crave a soul connection. You might wonder—out of all the people you've met, which ones are part of your destiny? Maybe you're also curious if you can form an unbreakable bond with...
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If you want an intense spiritual experience, you may crave a soul connection. You might wonder—out of all the people you've met, which ones are part of your destiny? Maybe you're also curious if you can form an unbreakable bond with someone you love or admire. Here, we'll tell you how to develop a soul connection and find an incredible friend, partner, or mentor. If you're seeking transformative dynamics that support your spiritual growth, read on.

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What is a soul connection?

  1. A soul connection spiritually ties you to a friend, lover, or mentor.
    During your lifetime, you’ll discover many soul connections. While there are several unique types of soul connections, they can usually be split into three categories—platonic, romantic, and karmic. Of course, you might have a complex soul connection that combines friendship, passion, and universal lessons.[1]
    • For example, you may start to date a classmate you were platonic with. Eventually, you may spark up a romantic relationship. Then, this special person might teach you a karmic lesson to release spiritual pain from a past life.
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“When I met my partner, I felt like we’d known each other forever.”

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What are the signs of a soul connection?

  1. A strong, emotionally intimate bond is a sign of a soul connection.
    As you build friendships and navigate relationships, a truly remarkable bond will stand out. You'll experience a spiritual awakening that will excite you and leave you in awe. To see if you've forged a true soul connection of any kind, search for the Universe's magical hints: [2]
    • You and the individual you've met have similar pasts.
    • You both feel like you've known each other your whole lives.
    • The person you're speaking to can sense your feelings.
    • Each of you can predict what the other will say or do.
    • You both know you accept each other unconditionally.
    • It's easy to lift each other up without "clinging" to each other.
    • You both feel an incredible sense of freedom with one another.
    • You each teach each other necessary life lessons.
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Ways to Create a Soul Connection

  1. Step 1 Identify the soul connection you’re seeking.
    Decide if you desire romance, friendship, or a karmic life lesson. Ask yourself—do you want a love bond or a platonic connection? Would you like fiery passion, gentle harmony, or mental stimulation? Do you want to start a new journey or to heal a pattern from the past? Reflect on these tips to see if you're searching for a soulmate, karmic relationship, or twin flame:[3]
    • A soulmate helps you and eases your pain—they can be a friend or a lover.
    • A karmic relationship challenges you to fix what you didn't address in a past life.
    • A twin flame is your "other half"—they drive intense spiritual growth for you.
  2. Step 2 Set an intention to soul connect with someone.
    Declare a message with clarity and you'll welcome a spiritual ally. Use an affirmation to express exactly what you want. Say it with confidence to maintain your faith and stir the soul of anyone you're meant to connect with. Meditate to concentrate on your affirmation—you'll open your heart to the Universe as well as the person it chose for you. Announce powerful words like:[4]
    • "I invite in a soulmate and friend who will be like a loyal sister to me."
    • "I call in a karmic guide to teach me a lesson I missed in my past life."
    • "I welcome my twin flame and all the fiery passion we'll enjoy."
  3. Step 3 Ask the Universe to help create a strong match.
    Trust in the Universe and it’ll send someone right for you. There's no need to rush or force a soul connection—the Universe will use divine timing to introduce you to your ideal match. In order to give it a little nudge, all you have to do is visualize the relationship you want instead of placing a lot of expectations on one specific person. The Universe will understand your desires and deliver whoever you need.[5]
    • Remember, one relationship might prepare you for an even better dynamic.
    • Focus on what a healthy connection looks like to gravitate toward your match.
    • If you release the need to find "the One", the Universe may send a fun surprise.
  4. Step 4 Give unconditional love to yourself and other people.
    Embrace someone spiritually and wholly to create a tight bond. When you learn how to love yourself first, you'll experience a pure soul connection without unhealthy attachments. Search deep within to tell if you're codependent or if you're ready to let someone be free. If you can honestly say that you appreciate a person but you don't "need" them, then you can both be your highest selves.[6]
    • If you cling to someone or if you're worried they may leave you, then you'll cloud your mind with fear. It's easier to express love when you're calm and confident.
  5. Step 5 Spend quality time with the person you want to connect with.
    When you meet someone special, provide a sacred or inspiring space where you both can bond. Meet up when neither of you will be distracted. That way, you can focus on each other. Also, make it a priority to schedule time with this individual. Tell them you love their company and want to learn about them. Your praise may make them glow with pride and seek you out more often. [7]
    • Think about the best atmosphere for the kind of soul bond you want. For example, choose a room full of bookshelves for a mentor, a restaurant with romantic lighting for a potential lover, or a special spot in the forest for a friend.
  6. Step 6 Enjoy a fun friendship with plenty of laughter.
    Explore joy to bring a unique light to someone's life. The more they associate you with kindness, excitement, and pure bliss, the more they'll see you as irreplaceable. Tell jokes, play around, and go on adventures. While it might all seem like fun and games, these silly activities are actually very soulful because you'll both see your unfiltered selves.[8]
    • When you both have a lot of fun, you'll likely see each other's auras—they may be really bright or colorful. If you do, these auras will probably be unforgettable.
    • Even if the person is a mentor who's more like a parent or a teacher, you can still make witty observations to strengthen your intellectual bond.
    • Though it might seem counterintuitive, silliness promotes vulnerability because it creates a connection that's free from judgment.
  7. Step 7 Open your hearts and minds with deep talks.
    Test whether you're spiritually aligned with rich conversations. Whenever you have a private moment with someone you're drawn to, make the most of it. Discuss thought-provoking topics and heart-warming subjects that bring you closer together. For example, ask about their values, hopes, desires, beliefs, and passions. You'll learn about one another's inner worlds and see what ignites your souls.[9]
    • Learn about each other's spiritual practices to see if you're on the same path.
    • If you have different viewpoints, check if you both want to guide each other.
    • Reflect on why you were drawn to each other and what you're looking for.
  8. Step 8 Exchange energy and provide comfort with touch.
    Express empathy and care through physical affection. For instance, reach out and touch a person's shoulder when they're sad. Ask to hug them to show support or to congratulate them. When they feel your warmth and sincerity, you'll create a relationship based on trust.[10]
    • Also accept affection from the person you hope to connect to—when you feel their energy, you'll experience a deeper connection with them.
    • Because of the powerful way you can transfer energy through touch, you can even heal some of a person's emotional wounds.
    • When you show love and care through touch, focus on reducing a person's sadness instead of absorbing it. Taking in their pain can spiritually drain you.
  9. Step 9 Be transparent about your feelings.
    When you're with someone, let down your walls so you can both truly "see" one another. Reveal your emotions to the individual you seek a soul connection with. Tell them why you find them so special and describe the way you see your relationship. If you're honest, happy, and hopeful, your excitement will be contagious and they'll probably celebrate the dynamic, too.[11]
    • Just wait until the moment feels right and let the Universe guide you. You may wish to wait a few months or you might want to express yourself after one heartfelt conversation.
    • Explain how this rare individual has changed you or transformed your outlook. You can also tell them how you'd like to show up for them—maybe you'd like to help them with an important mission.
  10. Step 10 Use strong eye contact to deeply connect.
    Lock eyes with a person to create spiritual intimacy right away. Practice "soul gazing" with a partner or close friend to promote soul connections with others. "Soul gazing" is the act of staring into someone's eyes for 10 minutes to see their true self. Once you’re ready to build rapport with a stranger, new friend, or mentor, use soulful and deeply engaged eye contact.[12]
    • Let a friend or intimate partner know you want to "soul gaze." It's important that they consent to trying the special meditation with you.
    • Deep eye contact will still help you create a meaningful bond with someone new and let them know they have your full attention.
    • Engaged eye contact may also help someone feel an immediate “spark” with you.
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