How to Wear Pajama Pants

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When you think of pajama pants, you probably think of slouchy, oversized flannel pants that you'd wear to bed and nowhere else. However, pajama pants are making their way to the streets and even being worn in high fashion. If you'd like to...
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When you think of pajama pants, you probably think of slouchy, oversized flannel pants that you’d wear to bed and nowhere else. However, pajama pants are making their way to the streets and even being worn in high fashion. If you’d like to wear pajama pants during the day, you can either keep them casual or dress them up by adding pieces from your wardrobe that you already have.

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Keeping Pajama Pants Casual

  1. Step 1 Choose a form-fitting T-shirt to accentuate your waist.
    Since pajama pants have the potential to be slightly baggy, it’s important to create a contrast between your upper and lower body. Use a form-fitting T-shirt with a V-neck or scoop-neck to emphasize your waist and torso area.[1]
    • You can wear a band or graphic T-shirt to spice up your look.
    • You can also use a cropped T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt to accentuate your waist.
    • A blue V-neck with gray pajama pants would be a great casual outfit.
  2. Step 2 Pair patterned pajama pants with a neutral top.
    If you don’t want your outfit to scream “pajama set,” pair your patterned pants with a white, gray, black, or cream top. These neutral colors really let your pants stand out and create a chic and casual look.[2]
    • Blue pajama pants with white polka dots look great with a white tank top and cardigan.
  3. Step 3 Add some sneakers to stay comfortable.
    Keeping things casual is all about comfort. Choose some sneakers that go with your pajama pants to walk around wrapped in coziness all day.[3] You can wear low top or high top sneakers depending on your preference.[4]
    • High top sneakers, a band T-shirt, and black pajama pants is an outfit that works for a casual day out.
  4. Step 4 Tuck your pants into a pair of booties for a fashionable outfit.
    Low-heeled booties look great on a cold fall day. Tuck your pajama pants into your booties to stay warm while also creating a nice silhouette up and down your body.[5] [6]
    • Light-colored pajama pants, brown booties, and an oversized sweater is a cozy look for the fall or winter.

    Tip: Wearing knee-high boots with pajama pants can look strange since the fabric tends to bunch up. Stick with ankle booties when you wear pajama pants.

  5. Step 5 Use a scarf to keep your accessories cozy.
    Since pajama pants are nice and comfortable, you can play that up by adding a large scarf to your outfit. Keep it neutral with a tan or cream scarf or add a pop of color for a nice accent.[7]
    • Gray pajama pants, a white shirt, and a pink scarf make a nice outfit that you can wear almost anywhere.
    • Pair some black sneakers, a gray scarf, and some teal or green pajama pants for a great contrasting look.
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Method 2
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Dressing up Pajama Pants

  1. Step 1 Wear silk pajama pants with a structured blouse for a high-end look.
    Silk pajama pants create a simple elegance within your outfit automatically. Pair these pants with a silky, structured blouse for a nice contrast between fits.[8]
    • Wear a navy blue or black blouse with some tan or cream pajama pants for a nice distinction between colors.
  2. Step 2 Put on a fitted jacket for a nice contrast.
    If you are planning to wear your pajama pants to a more formal setting, make your upper half look professional by adding a structured blazer. This gives the appearance of a pantsuit while contrasting with the casualness of the pajama pants.[9]
    • A black blazer paired with black pajama pants can even mimic a pantsuit entirely.
    • You can also wear a jean jacket for a non-work event, like a party or a family gathering.
  3. Step 3 Pair your pajama pants with some thin heels to elevate your outfit.
    The best way to make your pajama pants more formal is to pair them with heels. Since pajama pants can be baggy, use thin stiletto heels instead of chunky ones to lengthen your legs and provide some nice structure to your lower half.[10]
    • Patterned pajama pants look great with black or tan heels, while neutral pajama pants could use a pop of color from red, blue, or pink heels.

    Tip: Adding heels to your pajama pants works best with satin or silk pants. Cotton blends can look strange when they are paired with more formal shoes.

  4. Step 4 Create a fashion-forward outfit with some chunky heels.
    Since pajama pants have a tendency to add bulk to your lower half, they are not often paired with chunky heels. However, you can put on some pajama pants that are cinched at the ankles with some chunky heels for a nice contrast.[11]
    • Brown chunky heels paired with some gray pajama pants and a bright shirt creates a great outfit for a friendly get-together.
  5. Step 5 Add some simple jewelry to make your outfit more eye-catching.
    Jewelry has the potential to elevate an outfit automatically. Throw on a thin necklace, a few bracelets, and a pair of earrings to really dress up your pajama pants and move away from the sleepwear look.[12]
    • Adding jewelry to your outfit works well to dress it up since you probably wouldn’t sleep while wearing a necklace or bracelet.
    • Put on a pair of satin pajama pants with a small pattern, some cream heels, a jean jacket, and some gold bracelets for a night out look.
  6. Step 6 Hold a large handbag to make your look more stylish.
    Elevating pajama pants is all about adding structure back into your outfit. Large handbags that hold their shape well do this effortlessly while also being very functional.[13]
    • A black and white handbag paired with some paisley pajama pants and thin heels looks great for a lunch get-together.
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