How to Celebrate Saint George's Day

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St. George's Day is an important holiday in England. It commemorates St. George, the patron saint of England, who is a central figure in the country's history and early lore. For this reason, it is often seen as a chance to rejoice in all...
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St. George's Day is an important holiday in England. It commemorates St. George, the patron saint of England, who is a central figure in the country's history and early lore. For this reason, it is often seen as a chance to rejoice in all things English. St. George's Day celebrations are tend to be filled with feasts, dancing and strong sense of national pride. There are countless ways to get in on the festivities yourself, but knowing some of the history and symbolism behind the holiday will help you gain a deeper understanding of its significance.

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Observing Holiday Customs

  1. Step 1 Mark your calendar.
    St. George's Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of April. This is St. George's recorded day of death, so the holiday is used to memorialize his life and deeds with feasts, fellowship and a national pride. Save the date to make sure you don't miss out![1]
    • St. George's Day falls on the same day every year.
    • The day is not a national holiday, which means banks, the post service and other businesses will still be open.[2]
  2. Step 2 Fly the flag of Saint George.
    Hoist a flag outside your home, stick one on your vehicle or even wear one on (or as) your clothing. The flag is the most visible symbol of the holiday. It will probably look familiar—a large red cross on a white background. The cross refers to St. George's role in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.[3]
    • You could also display the flag more subtly by wearing it on a button or patch.
    • St. George's personal banner was later adopted as the national flag of England, so observing the holiday is a way of rejoicing in all things English.[4]
  3. Step 3 Dress in blue.
    Incorporate some blue into your wardrobe to show that you're staying in step with tradition. Blue was said to be St. George's favorite color, so it's now a custom to wear blue to major events, services and celebrations on the holiday.
    • Pick out an eye-catching outfit in blue tones to wear to a dinner or social gathering.
  4. Step 4 Wear a red rose.
    Another long held tradition involves pinning a rose blossom to your lapel or breast pocket. The rose is associated with St. George's death, and has become one of his most recognizable symbols. Sporting one will identify you as someone who knows the meaning behind the day's observance.[5]
    • A rosebud pin can be a tasteful way to add a little extra flair to your school uniform or work attire.
    • Find other ways to weave the symbol into your festivities, like wearing rose-scented perfume or setting the dinner table with a bouquet of roses.
  5. Step 5 Recite the poem “Jerusalem.”
    Get your friends and family together for a few rousing verses during a casual get-together or round of drinks. This is a good way to invoke the spirit of national pride. The poem is often sung on St. George's Day as a way of linking the virtues of the patron saint to the country he represents.[6]
    • Written by English poet William Blake, “Jerusalem” is widely acknowledged as one of England's national hymns.[7]
    • Sing “Jerusalem” as an anthem to support your team at a sporting event.
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Method 2
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Partaking in Fun Activities

  1. Step 1 Prepare a big dinner.
    Feasts and banquets are how Saints' days have traditionally been honored. Gather the family together to give thanks and savor a selection of scrumptious foods. For even more fun, plan a menu full of classic English fare like roasted lamb, bangers and mash and bread pudding.[8]
    • Invite your guests to bring their own favorite dishes for a potluck-style meal.
    • At the very least, be sure to stop for some fish and chips while you're out and about!
  2. Step 2 Go out dancing.
    Make a beeline to your favorite pub or nightspot to strut your stuff on the floor. Holidays like St. George's Day are all about cutting loose and enjoying yourself. What's a celebration without dancing, after all?[9]
    • Throw your own private dance party at home with a few close friends if you're not the going out type.
    • Sit in on a Morris dancing performance (a type of English folk dance) for a closer look at the cultural roots surrounding the holiday.[10]
  3. Step 3 Enjoy the works of Shakespeare.
    Spend an evening at the theater attending a production of one of Shakespeare's many comedies and tragedies. The famous playwright William Shakespeare is believed to have been born and and died on the same day as St. George. As a result, people sometimes find ways to make his timeless literature part of their holiday activities. [11]
    • Quiz your friends with Shakespeare-related trivia, or play a Shakespeare-themed version of charades where you act out famous characters and scenes from his plays.
    • If you happen to be in England, take a tour of Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon.[12]
  4. Step 4 Take part in a parade.
    No matter where you're located, there are all sorts of parades and street festivals to be found on St. George's Day. These are usually open to the public, so feel free to stop by and join in the fun. A parade can be the perfect way to cap off a night of celebrating with your loved ones.[13]
    • Keep an eye on the local news to find out what sorts of holiday events are being planned in your community.
    • One of the biggest public celebrations is the St. George's Day Festival held in the city of Manchester. If you're in the area, it may be worth checking out.
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  • St. George's cross is sometimes thought to be a controversial symbol, so be considerate about where and how you display it.
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  • Be careful not to get too wild—you might regret it if you have to work the next day!
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