How to Plan a Spring Break Staycation

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Typically, when it comes to spring break, ideas like vacations to the beach come to mind. You don't, however, have to take a vacation to enjoy your spring break. Instead, you can plan a staycation. A staycation is when you spend a holiday...
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Typically, when it comes to spring break, ideas like vacations to the beach come to mind. You don’t, however, have to take a vacation to enjoy your spring break. Instead, you can plan a staycation. A staycation is when you spend a holiday at home or in your city instead of traveling for a vacation. A fun staycation can be planned with just a little bit of time and effort. You can plan a spring break staycation at home for adults, children, or for the whole family to enjoy.

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Arranging a Spring Break Staycation for Adults

  1. Step 1 Plan a spa day at home.
    You don’t have to leave the house to have a spa day. Instead, spend the day pampering yourself at home. Keep on your pajamas and put on a robe. Take a bubble bath and use a scented body scrub. Deep condition your hair with your favorite deep conditioner. Use a body butter on yourself when you get out off the bath. Enjoy a glass of champagne.[1]
    • You should purchase spa day supplies, like body scrubs and conditioner, before your spa day if you don’t already have them at home. Go to your local beauty store and buy whatever products you think will contribute to relaxation.
    • Facial masks are also great for spa days. They can be bought online or at beauty stores like Sephora.
  2. Step 2 Be a tourist in your hometown.
    Treat your hometown as if you’d never been there before. Think of all the places you’d recommend to someone visiting your hometown and write them down. Try out some of the things on the list that you’ve never done before. Visit a new restaurant in town that you haven’t been to before. Go to a new exhibit at the local museum.[2]
    • If you’re planning to do this with friends, have everyone contribute at least one idea for the day.
  3. Step 3 Tour a local brewery.
    It seems like local breweries are popping up everywhere lately. Take a tour of a brewery near you to involve yourself with the local culture and enjoy a craft beer. For a small fee, many breweries will take you through the beer making process and provide you with a cup to take home and a beer. Go by yourself or plan a tour with a group.[3]
    • If you don’t drink, you can still go on a tour and opt to not have a glass of beer.
  4. Step 4 Have a pizza and movie night.
    It’s not necessary to leave the house to enjoy the staycation. Relax and enjoy your time by having a pizza and movie night. You can do this alone or with friends. It’s your choice whether you want to order or make your own pizza. Pick a theme for the movie night, like scary movies or chick flicks, or have everyone pick a movie. Enjoy the movies and pizza with your favorite beverage.[4]
    • Grab blankets, pillows, and your favorite dessert to fully enjoy the evening.
  5. Step 5 Buy an adult coloring book.
    Maximize your relaxation by staying at home and doing stress relieving activities. Coloring books are usually thought of as being for kids, but adult coloring books have come into popularity recently. Adult coloring books can be found at many supermarkets and bookshops. Buy a pack of colored pencils and spend the afternoon coloring while listening to your favorite music.[5]
    • Make tea and your favorite snacks to enjoy while coloring. You can also put on a movie or television show to watch while you color.
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Enjoying a Family Spring Break Staycation

  1. Step 1 Visit a national park.
    National parks are a wonderful part of any country that are not appreciated enough. Locate the closest national park to you and visit one for the day with your family. Many national parks have a nominal fee, but you can look up free entrance days. When you visit the park, first go to the Ranger Station to pick up Junior Ranger Kit, which requires children to complete a number activities to earn a badge.[6]
    • You can purchase Passport to National Parks and collect stamps at each park you visit.
    • If you don’t live near a national park, visit any park that is in your area.
  2. Step 2 Go to an amusement park.
    Amusement parks or great for the whole family to have a good time. You don’t need to live near Disney World to enjoy an amusement park experience. Check out the closest amusement park near you and plan a visit with your family. Depending on the time of year, temporary amusement parks may pass through your town for a weekend or month.[7]
    • Amusement parks include water parks, theme parks, and zoos.
    • If you live in the United States, this list tells you what amusement parks are in your state:
  3. Step 3 Check out the local library.
    A love for libraries is a wonderful thing to instill in a child from an early age. Libraries are great for the whole family because there are books available for every age and reading level. Often, libraries will host events, even during spring break and summer vacations. Visit your local library or check out their website to see about what kind of events they might be holding.[8]
    • Usually, there are events for kids, teens, and adults.
  4. Step 4 Camp in your backyard.
    Enjoy the outdoors by camping in your backyard. If you don’t have enough space to camp in your backyard, set up a camping area in your living room. Set up a tent and sleeping bags. If you’re outside, build a fire. Make s’mores (on the fire or stove) and set out snacks and drinks. Take turns telling ghost stories.[9]
    • Put on a movie if you’re camping out in your living room.
  5. Step 5 Complete a family project.
    Spend your spring break staycation being productive and bonding as a family. Spend the week together improving your home. For example, paint every person’s room in the house together. Or, spend the week building a tree house together.[10]
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Method 3
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Organizing a Spring Break Staycation for Children

  1. Step 1 Set out craft supplies.
    Provide your children a morning’s worth of entertainment by providing craft supplies. Cover a table with newspaper, or set out supplies outside. Put out things like construction paper, glue, and glitter. Encourage your children to draw pictures and make masks.
    • Craft with your children for a family experience.
  2. Step 2 Play outside.
    From your backyard to the local park, there are plenty of things to do outside. If you are staying home, provide your children with things to do for a fun day spent playing outside. Give them balls to play a soccer or baseball game, set out a sprinkler if its warm enough, and go for a bike ride.
    • Make sure to put on sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  3. Step 3 Plan a movie marathon.
    A movie marathon is great for days with bad weather. Set out blankets, pillows, and bean bags. Plan a menu of theatre food like popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, and nachos. Put on favorite movies or try out new family movies.
    • You can also rent fairly new movies from things like Redbox or stream movies on Netflix.
  4. Step 4 Visit a children’s museum.
    Spend a day of the spring break by going fun and education children’s museum. Look up the local children’s museum in your area for fees and hours. Children’s museums are great because they are made to be interactive and can take up a large portion of the day.[11]
    • Some children’s museums will host events during spring break. Ask or look up if your local children’s museum is holding events that can be signed up for.
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  • Going out every day of the staycation can cost quite a bit of money, especially if you are planning activities for an entire family. If one of your goals of the staycation is to save money, then plan activities that can done at home—like movie marathons and backyard camping.
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